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'It took me back to Scotland, there were so many emotions wrapped up in this whisky' - Outlander star Sam Heughan on Scran podcast

Sam Heughan, who is best known for playing Jamie Fraser in the drama Outlander, is the latest guest on our food and drink podcast Scran.

Published: December 1, 2020
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During the chat, Sam Heughan revealed when UK whisky fans would be able to buy The Sassenach whisky, a blended malt that has had a limited release in America so far.

Releasing a whisky is a dream come true for Sam, who also spoke about how he got into enjoying a dram.

Speaking of his journey into whisky, Sam Heughan said: "Whisky is synonymous with Scotland and I grew up not really understanding it, or even particularly liking the stuff that I tried.

"Then I was away - I was living in London and Los Angeles quite a lot - and I remember going into a bar and sitting with one of my good friends around Christmas time.

"It was the first time I ordered a whisky, I think it was a Speyside, and we sat and drank it. It was cold outside and it just took me back to Scotland.

"It had so many emotions wrapped up in it, this whisky, I think, because I was quite homesick and missing Scotland. I was missing home and I realised, at that point, that whisky is different to other alcohols.

"It has a lot of memories, it has a lot of senses tied up in it. And It's an emotional experience when you have a whisky.

"I'm not saying you're crying as you're drinking it, that would be quite sad, but certainly, it just takes me back home.

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"The idea of our (Sassenach) whisky is called the spirit of home. And no matter where you are in the world, hopefully, you can have a dram and it will transport you back to the Highlands and back to Scotland."

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Watch the episode in full

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