Video: Tennent's create hilarious new video for Scotch pie in a roll recipe

Scottish brewing giants Tennent's have posted a hilarious new video on their Facebook page for a recipe to create the perfect roll and Scotch pie.

Published 26th Aug 2016
Updated 26 th Aug 2016

The video, which pokes fun at sites like Tasty who create short recipe videos on their pages, has received over a thousand likes on the brand's Facebook page and been shared more than 650 times.

The recipe is hilariously simple, yet gives strict instruction to only use a crispy roll and butter (not margarine).

One user posted: "One of the best things about being Scottish!"

While another wrote: "Heaven on a roll."

Some weren't happy with the Tennent's version of the recipe, and a few even offered their own versions, saying it should be "a steak pie" or "topped with cheese".

We aren't sure if this is part of a new series of video recipes by Tennent's but we will definitely be watching this space.

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