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Tennent's poke fun at the UK's new Foreign Secretary

Scottish brewing giants Tennent's have poked at fun at Theresa May's choice for Foreign Secretary with a tweet apologising to the rest of the world and asking people not to be put off visiting Scotland.

Published: July 18, 2016
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The tweet posted by the Glasgow-based brand, shows a pint of Tennent's with a Boris-style hair piece, a map of the world and the word 'Nitwit'.

The apology then asks 'friends and fans' of Tennent's from 'around the globe' not to be put off visiting Scotland, because of the new Foreign Secretary's less than glittering reputation for getting along with foreign dignitaries.

A surprise choice by Theresa May to become the new Foreign Secretary, Boris has previously insulted US president Barack Obama as well as both candidates to be his successor.

He wrote that Hillary Clinton looked "like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital" and said that the only reason he wouldn't go to certain parts of New York was the "real risk of meeting Donald Trump".

He is also reported to have used racist language towards Africans and written an offensive limerick about the president of Turkey.

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Boris even insulted Arnold Schwarzenegger by referring to him as a "monosyllabic Austrian cyborg".

And of course, who could forget the sight of an overly-enthusiastic Boris knocking over a poor ten-year-old school boy whilst playing a game of touch rugby, during a trip to Japan last year.

A spokesperson for Tennent's said: "We simply want to safeguard the reputation of Scotland on the world stage; and also ensure that our fans around the globe aren't put off by a certain new appointment to the cabinet.

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"Hopefully those fans and friends know that we'll welcome them with open arms and a cold pint of T, come rain or shine."

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