BrewDog launch 'hybrid burger' that's 50% plant-based and 50% beef

Brewing giants Brewdog have created a new 'Hybrid Burger' that features a 50 per cent plant-based Beyond Meat and 50 per cent beef burger patty.

Published 3rd Oct 2019
Updated 3 rd Oct 2019

Described as a "flexitarian's dream" has been designed to offer an alternative for people who want to move to a more plant based diet but worry that vegan and vegetarian food won't deliver on taste.

BrewDog Hybrid Burger

Posting on social media, the brand wrote: "Many of those that do change their diet it is hard to maintain a vegetarian or vegan diet. With the HYBRID burger, BrewDog is offering a completely new option that can help both flexitarians and meat eaters alike to do their bit for the planet.

"BrewDog want to offer something to suit everyone’s tastes, providing a healthier, environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional burger with zero compromise on flavour. The HYBRID burger stands for achievable, everyday change – helping people to do their part for the environment, without the challenges and restrictions many perceive in a wholly vegetarian or vegan diet."

The hybrid patty is sandwiched between two green matcha tea buns, and topped with melted vegan Gouda cheese, crispy onion straws and a potato rosti.

The reception on social media has been mixed, with some people lauding the new creation and others taking the opportunity to criticise it.

Foz Fosdike on Facebook said: "Makes sense to me. I am trying to reduce my red meat and dairy intake... this burger would be ideal! Especially with a nice pint."

While another user added: "I think the idea is great. Most my meat eating mates won't even consider trying plant based replacements. This might convince them to try it and realise it can be really good."

Others questioned the use of vegan cheese, with one Twitter user stating: "The Brewdog hybrid burger is a good idea marred by the presence of vegan cheese which is strictly worse than no cheese in every situation."

And another on Facebook added: "Vegans wont eat it as there’s meat in it and non vegans don’t want to eat vegan cheese substitute instead of real cheese."

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Others were a bit more forthcoming in their criticism, one wrote: "The only good thing about this burger is how it has unified meat eaters, veggies and vegans in saying 'what's the actual point?!'"

Someone else suggested it was a burger that "appeals to absolutely no one".

The Hybrid burger will join other vegan and vegetarian options including ‘buffalo cauliflower wings’ and the popular ’Hail Seitan’ burger, and for this week 3rd – 10th October, BrewDog will be 50 per cent off the HYBRID burger at all UK BrewDog bars.

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