BrewDog founder posts image of possible new whisky packaging - and Twitter was not kind

BrewDog founder James Watt has posted a picture of a possible design for the brand's as yet unreleased whisky - and Twitter users were not kind with their responses.

Published 4th Aug 2019
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

Posting on the social media website the brewing giant's co-founder wrote: "Messing about with some potential packaging for our upcoming (and delicious) whisky. Here it is in context. What do you guys think?"

The design comes replete with 'punk whisky' branding and the name 'Young Blood' emblazoned on a black bottle.

The label also features school graffiti-style writing stating 'No Age Statement', 'No bagpipes' and 'No BS'.

The context mentioned in the post comes in the form of three whiskies pictured with the new BrewDog bottle, seemingly these are the brands Watt sees the BrewDog whisky competing with - Diageo, Chivas and Grants.

The trio pictured also represent three of the main whisky categories: blends, blended malts and single malts.

Twitter users were not kind in their responses with many posting derisory comments.

One person replied: "If you’re going to make whisky, sell it in a cool bottle, not a soap bottle with a hormonal teenager’s angsty poster pasted onto it."

While another described it as looking like "budget beard oil".

One poster said that even though they find themselves defending BrewDog a lot these days, the packaging is up there with the worst they'd seen.

Others alluded to transparency and the fact that the whisky has no-age statement and doesn't detail how it was aged.

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A small minority said they actually liked the new design and would happily buy it.

One of those defending it described it as "brash, bold but straight to the poin", while another said that it "breaks the norm in a good way".

What do you think?


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