26 of the best food vendors at Glastonbury and where to find them - from Goan fish curry to mac and cheese

It's almost the end of June, which means the UK's biggest music festival is back - but after dancing in a field for hours, where's the best places to get a bite to eat and a drink?

Published 24th Jun 2024
Updated 24 th Jun 2024

When it's at capacity, Glastonbury becomes the fourth largest city in the south west of England, which is just a tad overwhelming.

With live music, art, wellness, a cinema and kids' play areas, there's a lot more to this festival than just the bands, and food and drink are definitely not overlooked.

With hundreds of food and drink stalls there's plenty of choice - from Goan fish curry to mac and cheese.

Dietary requirements are also well catered for, with vegan, veggie and gluten free options plus kids' menus. You don't need to break the bank either, as hundreds traders will be taking part in the £6 meal deal.

Meal deal options could include dishes such as Thai curry and rice, katsu wrap, kids meal and a drink or a breakfast combo.

Here we take a look at some of the places that you need to visit, if you're heading to the festival this year.

Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese

Area(s): The Bandstand; Lower Mead

A festival favourite wherever they go, Anna Mae’s make their mac in huge iron frying pans and offer a range of delicious topping options.

Their sample menu includes: The Don Macaroni - with dry cure crispy bacon, basil oil  and fresh basil, The Macgic Mushroom - with porcini mushrooms, black truffle, grand padano and market herbs, and their plant based favourite, Cheezus Loves You.

Archie’s Toastie Shop

Area(s): Shangri-La; The Brewery; Paines Ground

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Toasties always go down a treat at festivals and for good reason.

Last year they offered a classic cheese toastie, along with options including spicy jalapeno and turkey and cranberry. They also have side dish options including fries and halloumi fries.


Area(s): West Holts

A New Orleans style kitchen serving cajun street food, Bayou frequently has a queue at their spot in West Holts.

Serving classic Cajun baskets, you can expect to find options including Cajun chicken, blackened shrimp, chargrilled mushrooms and surf’n’turf.

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Big Mouth Gyoza

Area(s): West Holts

One of the loudest stalls at the festival, Big Mouth Gyoza are back in the West Holts area of the festival this year.

Here you will find Japanese dumplings which can be paired with curry fries, loaded fries, curry rice and in a rice box.

Bunnymans Bunnychow

Area(s): Left Field

Hollowed out bread stuffed with steak or vegan chilli with a variety of heat levels available to choose from. They also offer nachos for anyone not looking for the bread based options.

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Eat the Farm

Area(s): Left Field

While it may be tempting to cook your own breakfast on a camping stove (having stocked up at the Glastonbury Co-Op), there will be times when a decadent start to the day is what you need.

If you start your day at Eat the Farm you will discover that their breakfast roll offering is incredibly popular at the festival.

They then move onto burgers and fries and frequently feature among favourite foods in Glastonbury recaps.

Dosa Deli

Area(s): William’s Green

A South Indian Street Food truck famous for their bhaji bowls, Dosa Deli’s offerings are 100% vegetarian.

Alongside the bhaji bowls, their festival menu includes a chilli cheese dosa and a masala dosa.

Dosas are crispy, crepe-like pancake made with a fermented batter of ground black lentils and rice.

The Duck Truck

Area(s): William’s Green; West Holts

Serving all things duck in two locations at the festival, The Duck Truck’s offering in the past has included: duck salad, a crispy duck wrap, and duck scotch egg, and duck fat chips.

Fish Finger Heaven

Area(s): Circus Field

In many ways, a fish finger butty is the perfect festival food.

Easy to eat and an ideal option for anyone who has children with them at Glastonbury, but equally popular with adults as a throwback to their youth, they can be paired with crunchy coleslaw, cheese and your favourite sauce.

Glastonbury food and drink
Picture: Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Goan Fish Curries

Area(s): West Holts

A staple at the festival for over 15 years now, Goan Fish Curries offer a breakfast option of kedgeree before moving on to their fish curries in the afternoon.

As their name suggests, they are most known for their Goan fish curry, but they also offer a vegan option with jackfruit.

For dietarires, there's vegan, veggie and gluten free options and prices start around £9

Greek Expectations

Area(s): San Remo, Lower Mead

Serving kebabs unlike what you would find at the end of a night out, Greek Expectations offer chicken cooked in a blend of herbs and spices and halloumi.

Alongside the kebabs they also offer falafel and salads.

Hanoi Kitchen

Area(s): William’s Green

Serving Vietnamese street food, Hanoi Kitchen offer a variety of options for festival goers including spring rolls as a snack and main meal options of Bún pots (rice noodle) and Bánh Mì (Vietnamese baguettes) which can come with either chicken, pork or tofu.

Indonesian Coconut Curry

Area(s): The Brewery; The Reach

A festival goers favourite over the years, Indonesian Coconut Curry offers exactly as the name suggests.

You can choose from pulled beef, slow cooked chicken and a chickpea option for vegans, served with rice, pickled salad and sambal.

Mexican Seoul

Area(s): The Reach

You’ll easily spot this award winning Mexican-Korean street food vendor thanks to their hot pink signage. Expect to find tasty Korean-style tacos and a selection of different flavoured chicken wings.

No Frickin Chicken

Area(s): The Reach

Another fantastic vegan option at the festival, No Frickin Chicken offers a vegan alternative to things you would expect to find at a chicken shop.

You’ll find vegan popcorn “chicken” along with a selection of plant based burgers here.

Tokyo Kitchen

Area(s): Other Stage and Lonely Hearts Club

Head here if you fancy a katsu curry, Japanese fried chicken, gyoza and rice bowls, as well as bubble tea.

There are veggie and vegan options too, and prices average around £11.

Hippy Happy Hoppers

Area(s): Other Stage field

These guys got rave reviews last year, and sell Sri Lankan fusion street food served in hoppers (a thin bowl-shaped pancake).

Picture: OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Happy Maki

Area(s): Silver Hayes

A vegan sushi truck bar from Brighton, Happy Maki had four main options at the festival last year.

All plant based, expect to find vegan “duck”, Thai sweet potato, vegan “chicken” and avocado as the base for a selection of sushi burritos. 

Pimp My Fries

Area(s): The Reach

As the name suggests this is the place to get fries with extra toppings.

Menu items include chips, cheese and gravy; Parmesan, garlic salt, cheese sauce, cheddar and chives; and seasoned chips and dips.

Taste Tibet

Area(s): West Holts

Taste Tibet is owned and run by Yeshi and Julie Jampa. Born and brought up in rural Tibet, Yeshi learned to cook nomadic food at a young age.

On the menu you'll find Himalayan curries and Tibetan momo dumplings.

Tea & Toast

Area(s): The Park

Head to tea and toast for some comforting breakfast food including fried egg bap, bacon and egg bap, a big veggie and vegan breakfast.

You can also pick up, you guessed it, tea and toast.

The Gravy Train Poutine

Area(s): Left Field

Serving Canada's poutine - chips, cheese curds and gravy (you can get meaty, veggie and vegan) - The Gravy Poutine also offers a range of toppings such as maple bacon, sour cream and BBQ chicken.

The Hippy Chippy

Area(s): The Pavement

The Hippy Chippy serves chips with different types of seasoning and sauces including Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Hellmann's Mayonnaise, Garlic Mayonnaise, Chipotle BBQ and Sweet Chilli.

Seasoning includes Thai Sweet Chilli, Smoky BBQ, Tikka Masala, Sea Salt & Pepper and Piri Piri.

The Roaming Rotisserie

Area(s): William’s Green

If you fancy a Sunday lunch of roast chicken, lamb or beef then head to William's Green and find The Roaming Rotisserie.

These guys roast chicken, lamb and beef in huge ovens and also offer a vegan and gluten free option.

You’re My Lobster

Area(s): Left Field

You're My Lobster is a street food stand that serves lobster rolls posh fish finger sandwiches and fiery shrimp rolls.

The Somerset Cider Bus

Area(s): Pyramid Stage

The Cider Bus, as it is known, has become something of an institution for cider fans who attend Glastonbury. Situated opposite the Pyramid stage, it's well placed for a refreshing drink between bands.

The cider is Burrow Hill Cider, and it has been sold on site since the beginning of Glastonbury festival.

An updated list of food and drinks stalls at Glastonbury can be found here.

Glastonbury, UK
Glastonbury, UK
Known for cake making, experimental jam recipes, Champagne, whisky and gin drinking (and the inability to cook Gnocchi), Rosalind is the Food and Drink Editor and whisky writer for The Scotsman, as well as hosting Scran, The Scotsman's food and drink podcast.
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