Glasgow-based whisky firm Douglas Laing and Co. buys Strathearn Distillery

A Glasgow-based whisky company has just announced that it has taken over ownership of a popular Perthshire micro-distillery.

Published 24th Oct 2019
Updated 11 th Oct 2023

Announcing the deal on social media, Douglas Laing and Co. posted that it had assumed 100 per cent ownership of Strathearn Distillery.

The micro-distillery, which was considered to be one of the country's smallest commercial spirits production sites when it first opened, was set up by entrepreneur Tony Reeman-Clark near Methven, close to Perth, in 2013.

Strathearn quickly became known for its diverse range of spirits, which included several innovative gins, Bierbrand and what was considered to be Scotland's first golden rum.

Strathearn launched its first whisky in 2016. Picture: Strathearn

The small distillery also recently reached its primary goal of creating its first batch of whisky with bottle 001 selling in 2016 for a staggering £4,150 to a bidder in Italy.

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Renowned family-owned independent bottler Douglas Laing and Co., which owns several prominent whisky ranges and exports to over 50 countries, already have plans in motion to open their own £10.7 million distillery and bottling complex on the banks of the River Clyde.

The ownership of the existing gin and rum brands from Strathearn will be transferred to a new company connected to the previous owners, The Whisky Brand.

This latest acquisition, which has been made for an undisclosed fee, will strengthen their whisky making portfolio, giving them greater diversity in what they can produce going forward alongside their yet-to-be constructed Clutha production site at Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

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Speaking about the acquisition of Strathearn Distillery, Cara Laing, director of whisky at DL & Co., said: “Today marks a proud and historic landmark for Douglas Laing. For its first seven decades in the wonderful world of Whisky, our family firm has been renowned amongst the finest independent bottlers, celebrated for our Remarkable Regional Malts and Exceptional Single Casks brands. 2019, our 71st year in business, is the year we take a monumental leap, adding ‘distiller’ to our credentials and beginning a new chapter in our journey.

"A distillery very much in its infancy, Strathearn affords us the opportunity to create an extraordinary brand home for our family business and a global Single Malt brand steeped in our family firm’s history, heritage and passion."

Whisky company Douglas Laing & Co announces plans to build new distillery in Glasgow

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