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Bellshill sweet shop creates novel way to sell sweets - using a munchie box

A sweet shop in Bellshill has found a novel way to entertain children - and adults - this bank holiday weekend, by creating a munchie box filled with sweeties.

Published: May 25, 2016
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Joe's Sweetie Barn, located on the Main Street, posted a preview of the new offering on their Facebook page with the caption 'Our kind of Munchie Box'.

The confectioners will be launching the new treat to coincide with the Bellshill Street Fair which runs this weekend (the 28th and 29th of May).

The wonderful sweetie munchie box in all its glory. Picture: JSB

The wonderful sweetie munchie box in all its glory. Picture: JSB

The boxes will cost around £8 and will be filled with your choice of sweets from Scottish classics like Kola Kubes, Soor Plooms, lucky tatties and tablet through to more recent favourites like Jelly Beans, Giant Strawberrys and Jameson's Ruffles.

Emma McNulty, who co-owns the candy store, said: "We do a variety of boxes filled with American candy or just good old British sweets for special events, and we thought that even though people love pick & mixes, there is never enough in them, so why not create a Munchy box with a twist, the sweet kind?"

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