Angus & Oink alliance set to launch fiery new PITBOSS sausage range

Barbecue lifestyle company, Angus & Oink has teamed up with Aberdeenshire-based specialist butchers, Davidsons, to launch the exciting new PITBOSS sausage range.

Published 25th May 2016
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The partnership will see the two companies combine their passion for flavour and fiery barbecue food to create three types of sausages to sell under the Angus & Oink brand - Beef Hotlinks, incorporating Angus & Oink’s ‘The General’ BBQ dust, a Jalapeño Cheese pork sausage, including ‘Mr Rubba Rubba’ Cajun seasoning, and the Kielbasa, a traditional smoked pork Polish hybrid that has a strong history with the American BBQ story.

Jalapeno Cheese
The Jalapeno cheese. Picture: Angus & Oink


All of the sausages will also be gluten free.

Packs of the new PITBOSS range are already on sale, with customers in the Aberdeen area able to get their hands on the sausages in Davidsons Butcheries, while all other customers can bulk purchase online with free delivery from

The sausages have already won high praise from industry professionals, with the Kielbasa picking up a gold award, while the Jalapeño Cheese and the Beef Hotlinks both attained silver accolades at the recent Scottish Craft Butcher awards.

Scott Fraser, Pitboss at Angus & Oink, says: “Sharing a passion for quality products, and authentic barbecue taste, John Davidson and I quickly struck up an alliance.

"Although there are a variety of spiced sausages available on the market, there are very few that really pack a punch in the flavour stakes and deliver on the authentic taste of barbecue, encompassing the flavours of Southern USA. We plan to develop the range and include other hot spots of outdoor cooking such as Argentina and even South Africa.”

John Davidson, Owner of Davidsons Specialist Butchers, continues: “We have had a great partnership with Angus & Oink through Aberdeen’s CUE Barbecue restaurant, where the new sausages have gone down really well.

"We were so confident in the quality of this sausage we decided to enter them for the Scottish Craft Butchers awards in early April, where the judges wholeheartedly agreed. A truly fantastic achievement for a newly launched product range that takes our latest creations of authentic flavours direct to our customers in food service and home BBQ.”

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