Aberdeen to welcome new flagship Mackie's ice cream parlour

Mackie's of Scotland is set to open the doors to its new flagship ice cream parlour in Aberdeen's city centre this week. 

Published 4th Dec 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The popular Scottish brand will launch the exciting new venue on Tuesday (5th of December), with it becoming the first business to open in the city’s hotly anticipated new £107 million Marischal Square development.

The first retail venture from the family-business which has grown to become one of Scotland’s top food producers, the new outlet will be named 19.2, in reference to the fact it is located exactly 19.2 miles from the Mackie’s Westertown family farm, where the brand produces its renowned ice cream and chocolate ranges.

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With a vast amount of industry experience to call upon - 30 years making and selling ice cream - the company believes it is in a strong position for its move into retail, following on from the success of the launch of its £600,000 state of the art chocolate factory in 2015.


Picture: Mackie's of Scotland

Kirstin Mackie, development director at Mackie’s of Scotland, said: “It’s hard to believe that the day we have been waiting for is finally here - the launch of our very special ice cream parlour.

“We have been planning this for such a long time that to see the end result turn out to be everything we had envisioned, from the design concept to the layout, is fantastic.

“Now that all of our hard work has paid of, we can’t wait to invite in our customers so they can experience the ‘sophistication dipped in fun’ that is 19.2.”

The family firm say the new parlour will be filled with Mackie’s staples such as Traditional and Honeycomb, and will welcome new treats, including the Italian inspired handmade Napoli style ice cream.

As well as ice cream, the venture will also serve coffee provided by another local Aberdeen company and will feature a centrepiece chocolate tap, delivering "the highest quality melted chocolate on demand" for serving over crepes and waffles.

The store will also offer premium products such as Mackie’s exclusive new range of handmade, gift style chocolates, which will are made with Mackie’s milk and dark chocolate and filled with an aray of flavoured fresh cream ganaches.

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Kirstin added: “The parlour reflects our love of making ice cream, so we have loved filling it with the traditional favourites but also with some of our more exotic experiments.

“We have spent months getting everything ready and making sure the team is in place to ensure our guests wand visitors will enjoy ith the best customer service possible.

“Mackie’s started as a local family business and we aim to stay true to that with everything we do, so to have been able to work with Scottish suppliers and employ local people means a lot to us.”

The new parlour, fitted out by local construction company Burns Construction (Aberdeen) Ltd, will feature ceilings inspired by an Australlian night club, with LED lit baffles running overhead to "mimic the ripples of tasty sauces swirled through the ice cream", while a nod to the farm itself can be seen in a lifesize fibre glass cow which will also be on display. Made by Aberdeen sign company Lofthus, the heifer will be illuminated in bright colours to give the venue "a quirky feel".

The brand say the new store has also created ten jobs for residents from the local area.

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