Speyside is a top sushi destination, thanks to The Craigellachie Hotel's pop-up

They’re also hosting a dog-friendly Yappy Day this weekend

Published 15th Sep 2021
Updated 12 th Sep 2023

Speyside hasn’t traditionally been associated with sushi, until now.

Bringing a touch of Tokyo to Aberlour are Lorenzo Bautist and Nino Jay Caritativo, sushi experts from London restaurants, Scott’s and Nobu. They’ve set up a pop-up at The Craigellachie - Scotland’s oldest whisky hotel - running from now until Saturday September 18.

Alongside the four-star hotel’s head chef, Daniel Grant, they’ll be offering sushi and sashimi that showcases Speyside salmon and Orkney oysters.

The menu includes California rolls and dragon rolls, but the piece de resistance, for £55, is probably the chef’s choice platter, with 16 pieces of maki, three sashimi, three nigiri and one ceviche.

“I am thrilled to be hosting, and immersing these world renowned sushi experts in the wonderful location and produce that Speyside and Scotland has to offer. We will be bringing the locals a dining experience like no other. I’m sure very few people can say they’ve ordered a dram of Copper Dog Whisky alongside their sushi,” says Will Halsall, general manager of The Craigellachie. “This concept is the first of many to come where this hotel will be a hub for experts to come and showcase their craft, bringing a world of flavour to Speyside.”

It’s a busy week for the hotel, as it will culminate in their inaugural Yappy Day on September 18, admission £5 per table, from noon until 4pm.

Created to raise funds for stray rescue charity, the Wild at Heart Foundation, this event is a celebration of our furry best friends. They will be holding a fancy dress “dogwalk”, as well as selling bottles of Copper Dog Whisky, each featuring an illustrated silhouette of your choice of 30 canine breeds.

“It’s going to be a great day out for the whole family with live entertainment, face painting and tasty food and drink served straight from our new BBQ area, the Spey Cafe,” says Halsall. “We’ll be firing up that BBQ for Copper Dog Dogs and tasty burgers straight from S.A Mackie Butchers and serving local beers and whiskies. And don’t worry, there will be plenty of food and drink for your pup too!”

(That doesn’t include the fancy sushi, which is for humans only).


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