Edinburgh's Down the Hatch team up with Daddy Rack Whiskey to offer a limited-edition menu of cocktails and wings

Their special food and drink menu will be available from now until October 3

Published 21st Sep 2021
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

If you’re in Edinburgh’s Canadian-inspired restaurant, Down the Hatch, this week or next, try ordering their special Daddy Rack Pickle Back Wing Stack.

This tongue-twister translates as 10 of their house wings featuring a pickleback glaze, which is made from Daddy Rack Tennessee Whiskey blended with a shot of their house made brine. It’s part of their limited-edition collaboration with this American booze brand, which runs from now until Sunday October 3, only at their Edinburgh branch (not the original South Queensferry restaurant).

Their special dishes are designed to include a splash of the small batch whiskey, which is described as having a fruity flavour and buttery mouthfeel. As well as the wings, you’ll be able to order the Rack n Roll burger, which consists of a smashed beef patty, double American cheese, smoked bacon, Daddy Rack Whiskey BBQ glazed and pulled beef chuck on a toasted brioche bun.

The restaurant, which isn’t known for its health food, has also created some rather wild-sounding cocktails for the occasion. Choose from the sugary Golden Caddyrack Boozy Shake, which is a combination of whiskey, Luca’s ice-cream, orange, vanilla liqueur and whipped cream; a Popcorn Old fashioned, with the whiskey, popcorn syrup and bitters, or Daddy Rack’s own signature serve of a fruity Rackhouse Lemonade (whiskey, peach and Rapscallion Burnt Lemon).

Or you could go for a comparatively simple boilermaker serve - a Molson Canadian Lager mixed with a shot of whiskey.

If the limited-edition food offerings don’t take your fancy, try some of Down the Hatch’s regular menu items. These include Canadian specialties, poutine or the beef dip, which consists of a beef sub with a gravy dip on the side, as well as boozy slushies and a huge breakfast skillet that’s served at the weekend.

Their recent specials have been even wilder. They’ve included a milkshake made from Rice Krispies Squares, as well as Moroccan smoked lamb fries, and the Nashville Hot Chicken with fried chicken, dipped in hot chilli oil and dusted with chilli powder, American cheese, bacon, lettuce, red onion and brisket burnt ends mayo.

13 Antigua Street, Edinburgh, www.downthehatchcafe.com

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