Edinburgh's best dog-friendly cafes share pictures of their favourite canine customers

These pups are ever vigilant, when it comes to scanning the floor for crumbs

Published 30th Jun 2021
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Dog ownership has increased during lockdown, and Edinburgh cafes are catering to their guests’ new canine side-kicks with more than just a bowl of water.

From liver treats, to venison munchies and doggie cupcakes, these places welcome well-behaved hounds, and will always offer a scratch behind the ear. They’ve shared pictures of their favourite fuzzballs (and believe us, they had a lot of snaps to chose from).

Pup outside Modern Standard Coffee, Bruntsfield

This wolverine cutey pie has eyes to melt the hardest heart. At Modern Standard Coffee they have a dog lead tie-up outside the cafe for owners that want to keep their dog outside, though they're welcome inside too. There's also a bowl of water outside and they serve 100 per cent venison dog treats from Smooches & Pooches (a pet shop, just opposite the cafe). 49 Barclay Place, www.modernstandardcoffee.co.uk

Bulldog at Artisan Roast

This bulldog is striking a very Garfield-like pose at the Stockbridge branch of Edinburgh's Artisan Roast. They offer water to dogs and have some top secret (shhh) chicken treats behind the counter. The secret code to access these is three short barks followed by one long one. 100a Raeburn Place, www.artisanroast.co.uk

Ice the Frenchie outside MILK

MILK Cafe has a lot of canine customers at their Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop branch, where they sell dog muffins. www.cafemilk.co.uk

Darcy in Tea & Sympathy

This is Darcy the Irish setter, who is one of Tea & Sympathy's favourite customers. He's actually quite insta-famous, and you'll find him at @mrdarcytheirishsetter) At this Shandon cafe, they offer free doggie treats, unlimited cuddles and the opportunity to feature on their doggy wall of fame. 1e Ashley Terrace, Instagram @teaandsympathyedinburgh

Gus the dachshund at Modern Standard Coffee

Gus the long-haired dachshund is a real regular at Modern Standard Coffee. He would order a flat white and a cinnamon bun, if he was human. www.modernstandardcoffee.co.uk

Milo the Westie at Loudon's

Both of the Loudon's locations are dog friendly and they offer water, dog biscuits and, on very special occasions, some bacon bits. Some of their guests order sausages for their canine companions. Milo wants all of that and he'll give you his paw to prove it. 94b Fountainbridge and 2 Sibbald Walk, www.loudons.co.uk

Texas the boder collie at Union Brew Lab

Even though he appears to be having a "here's Johnny!" moment in this pic, Texas is their favourite canine visitor at Union Brew Lab. His owner Alison really likes the coffee here. He's not allowed it, though he's happy to drink the water that's offered. 6-8 South College Street, www.brewlabcoffee.co.uk

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Cindy at Tasty Buns

Cindy has been visiting Tasty Buns since she was a tiny puppy. That's because they're very dog friendly, with water, endless smooches, boops and dog biscuits. 67 Bread Street, Instagram @tastybunsbakery

Luby at BAM Coffee

Luby comes into BAM Coffee every day. She is in love with the chef, as he sometimes gives her some sausage and bacon bits. The way to a dog's heart... 22a Salamander Street, www.bamcoffee.co.uk

Tashie at Hata Cafe

"Tashie comes everyday to do the rounds and check if there are any new crumbs on the floor" says the people at Hata. They offer treats and water. 5 Rodney Street, www.facebook.com/Hata.Cafe20/

The Artisan Roast bulldog (again)

Here's another pic of that bulldog, just to illustrate how tiring life can be, and that it helps to have a chin height footstool. www.artisanroast.co.uk

Eva at Hideout

This is Eva the black lab at her favourite Leith cafe, Hideout. In common with most black labs, she is always hungry and happy to Hoover. 40-42 Queen Charlotte Street, www.hideoutcafe.co.uk

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Gaby Soutar is a lifestyle editor at The Scotsman. She has been reviewing restaurants for The Scotsman Magazine since 2007 and edits the weekly food pages.
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