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Video: Mac and Wild head chef, Andy Waugh champions seafood with Bulhão Pato scallops recipe

Andy Waugh, head chef and co-founder of popular London restaurant, Mac and Wild, is backing the drive to get more people eating seafood by sharing a delicious recipe for scallops Bulhão Pato.

Published: October 16, 2018

Seafish, the public body that supports the £10bn UK seafood industry, has revealed that two thirds (68 per cent) of the population aren’t eating the recommended government health guideline of two portions of fish a week as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


London-based chef Waugh, who showcases seasonal produce with a focus on provenance at his restaurants at Devonshire Square and Great Titchfield Street, said: “We’ve got such an amazing natural larder and I would love for everyone to eat more fish.

"It’s not just about salmon, there are over 100 species of seafood in the UK and people should get down to their local fishmonger this week, ask for advice and experiment with trying something new.

“A lot of my cooking is inspired by camping and cooking over a fire so my dish of Bulhão Pato scallops requires very few ingredients! Scallops are one of the easiest types of seafood to cook and a star of Britain’s food scene!”

Providing accessible information through its Fish is the Dish initiative, Seafish aims to educate people on how to purchase and prepare seafood at home and ensure they are consuming the recommended two portions of fish a week.

Despite there being more than 100 species of seafood available to buy in the UK, the report shows that the majority of Brits that do eat fish stick to classic varieties including tinned tuna, salmon, cod and haddock.

Andy joins a team of top chefs from around the UK that are showing support for the campaign with delicious seafood recipes to try at home, including: Calum Richardson, Chef & Owner of the Bay Fish and Chips which recently ranked the highest UK entry in Lonely Planet’s Ultimate EatList; Aurélien Mourez, Head Chef of Glasgow’s Ox and Finch; Nathanial Tofan, Chef Patron at Manchester House; Paul Askew, Head Chef at The Art School in Liverpool; MasterChef semi-finalist Leo Kattou of top Birmingham restaurant, Simpsons; and Freddy Bird at Bristol Lido.

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Bulhão Pato scallops

"This is a typical Portuguese dish usually made with clams. However, I like to cook this on the fire pit using scallops but you can also cook it at home on the hob.

"The dish is a seriously effective with a very simple method - and works with most shellfish."


1 glug of olive oil (around 10-20ml)

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5 scallops - shucked and cleaned (the foot/roe is optional) - keep the shells to one side

1 bunch of coriander - roughly chopped

3 garlic cloves - squashed and roughly chopped

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2 lemons - cut in half


1. Heat a large frying pan to medium/hot.

2. Pour the oil over the scallops and coat each piece.

3. Sear each side of the scallop for around one minute on each side and pour any extra oil over the top.

4. Add the garlic and move the scallops around - cook for 30 seconds.

5. Take off the heat, throw in the coriander, stir for a further 30 seconds.

6. Place the scallops back into their shells, squeeze lemon juice over each scallop - about half a lemon for two scallops.

7. Season with a little salt and pepper and spoon some more of the coriander/garlic mix over the scallop.

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