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Bacardi launches Mix Lab - an app for bespoke at-home cocktails

Bacardi's Mix Lab app allows consumers to easily create a bar-standard cocktail from home, while supporting the bartending industry at large.

Published: February 9, 2021
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Bacardi has recently announced the launch of ​Mix Lab,​ a new app that gives cocktail lovers the experience of a well-crafted cocktail at-home and the ability to create personalised recipes based on the ingredients they have on hand.

The platform also offers opportunities for bartenders to showcase their expertise, while building their name and reputation.

Born out of people’s lack of inspiration and confidence in making a cocktail from home, Mix Lab is ideal for cocktail enthusiasts of all levels who, due to the pandemic, have been inspired to become “at-home bartenders.”

This has been made evident by the ​spike in internet searches​ for “easy cocktail recipes” throughout 2020.

While the reopening of pubs remains uncertain, many of us are trying our hand at making drinks at home, as well as hosting social events online to enjoy cocktails with friends.

Mix Lab​ serves as a one-stop-shop for cocktail lovers, with bespoke recipe recommendations and easy-to-follow video tutorials from expert bartenders.

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The Bacardi Mix Lab app features include:

  • My Bar Tool: ​Provides recipe recommendations based on the ingredients users already have on hand, enabling them to create a personalised cocktail at-home. Simply add in your ingredients and watch the recipes appear.
  • Vast Library of Recipes: ​Users have access to over 300 cocktail recipes (and growing) by their favourite bartenders so they can browse and try a cocktail that matches their preferences. Cocktails range from classics like a French 75 and a Moscow Mule to more unique concoctions like a Chai Old Fashioned.
  • Personalised Recommendations:​ Utilises an AI-driven recommendations engine that suggests cocktail recipes based on the user preferences selected when creating their profile, curating personalised options based on what they like, while removing any suggestions they don’t.
  • Gifting Shop:​ Mix Lab hosts a ​gifting site​ where consumers can shop for their favourite spirits and alcohol gift sets.

Developed by Bacardi with both the consumer and the bartender in mind, the app allows users to master and experiment with mixology from the comfort of their homes.

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Mix Lab was also designed to give bartenders a platform to share their craft, grow their reputation and gain a following of cocktail enthusiasts by adding their own recipes and uploading video tutorials for users.

This past year, the bartending community has struggled as bars and restaurants shut down due to the pandemic.

The Bacardi team say that Mix Lab serves as an innovative way for consumers to show support for this community by trying out their cocktail recipes and “liking” and “sharing” their favourite bartenders.

Katie Kirkpatrick, global senior director, Bacardi Owned Platforms said: "We know that there are many cocktail fans out there who simply lack the confidence to mix a better drink at home — a situation that only became more evident while people stayed safe at-home this past year.

"We created Mix Lab to help people and arm them with the tools they need to master mixology without hesitation.

"When designing Mix Lab, we also made it a priority to continue to support the bartending industry by giving them a platform to practice and share their craft with fellow cocktail enthusiasts — something more important than ever during the pandemic.”

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Mix Lab is now available to download for free on ​iOS​ and ​Android​. For more information, visit the website​.

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