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5 of the best food and drink venues for enjoying Pokémon Go in Edinburgh

Playing Pokémon Go in Edinburgh? Need to refuel? Here are some of the best venues in the capital to enjoy some food and drink while catching Pokémon.

Published: July 25, 2016
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Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm and people everywhere are donning their trainers and baseball caps to see if they can catch them all.

Now a number of venues in Edinburgh are joining in the fun, here is our list of some of the best food and drink venues to check out while on the hunt:

Treacle Bar and Kitchen 

39-41 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3JU

Living up to its Weeaboo (Japanophile) status, Asian styled cocktail bar Treacle has embraced the Pokémon craze.

Pokemon G

Pokemon G

Every Thursday and Tuesday until 16th August between 3-5pm, the bar will be footing the bill for Pokémon lures to attract rarer critters to the area. Trainers in the area are invited to stop by for an Asian cocktail and catch some of Japan’s most popular exports!

The Caledonian Brewery

42 Slateford Rd, Edinburgh EH11 1PH

Picture: Pokemon Go Edinburgh Facebook

Picture: Pokemon Go Edinburgh Facebook

According to our friends at Wow 247 you'll find two great things on Slateford Road; one of Scotland's biggest breweries (so plenty of beer) and a Pokémon Gym.

Enjoy a pint of Deuchars or Caley 80 while battling Pokémon in this fun location and its stunning red-bricked architecture.

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The Blackbird Bar and Restaurant

37-39 Leven St, Edinburgh EH3 9LH

Treacle’s sister bar in Brunstfield, known for its legendary beer garden, are also taking part. The iconic bright orange racing bicycle which dons The Blackbird’s door lintel has been immortalised in the mobile game and is sure to become a popular spot for players in the city.

Pokemon at The Blackbird

Pokestop at The Blackbird. Picture: contributed

Wannabe Pokémon Masters can find lures set up by the bar on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 3-5pm until 16th August.

Illegal Jacks 

44-45 St Patrick Square, Edinburgh EH8 9ET

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Illegal Jacks is one of the few venues in Edinburgh to be set up as Pokémon Gym by Niantic, and they’ve been quick to take advantage.


Picture: Illegal Jacks Facebook

Witty signs now sit in the window encouraging players to “Pokémon In” and it’s not unusual to spot groups of friends intently staring at their phones whilst enjoying some quality Tex-Mex.

The Blue Blazer 

2 Spittal St, Edinburgh EH3 9DX

Word on the streets of Kanto is that The Blue Blazer is perfectly situated between two Pokéstops and a gym, which means fruitful item farming and experience grinding.

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Unfortunately the bar don’t quite understand the implication, but let’s hope they get on board soon! Still, a nice pit stop for your Poké-Tour.

Looking for something even more immersive to sate your Pokémon Go cravings? Then why not join the The Pokémon Pop-Punk Party at...

The Banshee Labyrinth

29 - 35 Niddry St, Edinburgh EH1 1LG

Taking place on the 5th of August, the Pokémon party will encourage Attendees to dress up as their favourite Pokemon or trainer and the Pokémon-themed decorations and games.


With its reputation for being haunted, there's sure to be a few Gastly's and Gengars kicking about.

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