Pokemon Go fans are going crazy for this bakery's latest product

A Scottish baker has come up with a delicious new way for Pokemon Go fans to celebrate the game by creating white chocolate cheesecake pokeballs. 

Published 2nd Aug 2016
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Edinburgh based Artisan Cheesecakes have created the White Chocolate Pokeball Cheesecake just in time for the Festival and local Pokemon fans are already going crazy for it.

Available at the bakery's outlets in Bruntsfield Place in Edinburgh and South Bridge Street in Bathgate, the cakes are the same size as actual pokeballs in the game (about the size of a cricket ball) and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Picture: Artisan Cheesecake Facebook

Picture: Artisan Cheesecakes Facebook

The Pokeballs, which retail for £4, are sold individually and are so popular that the owners have had to order new moulds to try and keep up with demand.

Owner Wendy McQueen, who came up with the idea after speaking to her son who is a big fan of the game, said: "My son, who is over in Dubai, contacted me and said I should try and make something to appeal to those who play Pokemon Go as it's massive.

"So I came up with the idea [for the pokeballs] and thought we'd give it a go. Then on Saturday we made them and put them out for the first time and for such a small idea it's gone a bit mad with people phoning in or leaving me messages on our Facebook page asking about them.

"We are just a small run family business though so for now it's first come, first serve."

Pokemon fan Alex Campbell, was lucky enough to be one of the first to try the new pokeballs. Picture: Artisan Cheesecake

Pokemon fan Alex Campbell shows his delight at being one of those lucky enough to be one of the first to try the new pokeballs. Picture: Artisan Cheesecakes

Wendy was quick to stress that though the pokeball cheesecakes are small in stature, they are the same quality as everything else the bakery makes, and will be as delicious as the other cakes that regular customers have become accustomed to.

"The main thing for us, is that we come from a home baking background and for us it's the ingredients and the quality of what you are eating that is important."

"It's all about the taste, the flavour and the quality ingredients we put into it. We make each of the pokeballs using beautiful Belgian white chocolate."

"Somebody contacted us yesterday to say their son had tried one and it tasted delicious, which we were delighted to hear as that's what is important for us."

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Wendy says the quality of the cakes and the ingredients needed to make them are part of the reason they can only make them in small batches.

"They are time consuming to make, but luckily I have the most wonderful team here so we are aiming to make a lot more to keep up with the demand."

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