£14 supermarket champagne voted 'better than Moet'

A discount supermarket champagne has been voted 'better than Moet' in a blind taste test.

Published 27th Nov 2023
Updated 27 th Nov 2023

Lidl’s Montaudon Champagne Brut has beaten Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut in a recent blind taste test.

In a bid to prove its affordable tipples stand up against high-end heavyweights, Lidl went head-to-head with the luxury label, with six in ten participants agreeing the supermarket’s own-brand fizz ‘tasted better’ than Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut.

The supermarket champagne, priced at £14.99, is less than half the price of the premium label, which can retail upwards of £43.

supermarket Lidl champagne better than Moet
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As we head into the Christmas period, many people will be looking to toast the season with something special, and this fizz, with its delicate aromas of citrus fruit and complimentary fresh, dry finish is an affordable option.

The taste test concludes Lidl’s nationwide wine tasting in the dark events Chateaux Noir.

Designed to democratise wine and change the perception that you need to blow the bank to enjoy quality booze this Christmas, the discounter also polled over 2,500 attendees in a series of guided blind tastings carried out in total darkness.

Once again going up against big brand rivals, including Moët and household favourite Baileys, the results recorded across London, Glasgow and Liverpool shows an overwhelming shift in consumer perceptions around cheaper drink alternatives.

82% of attendees preferred Lidl’s Montaudon Champagne Brut over Moët and 7 in 10 voted the popular champagne as their favourite beverage of the evening.

Another 56 % voted Lidl’s Deluxe Irish Cream Liqueur (£9.99) preferable, over Baileys, which is almost twice the price.

During the blind tasting sessions, Lidl also profiled a selection of red, white and rosé wines, all priced under £9.

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