Cakes in the Call Box takes a break after goods taken without payment

The business, which sells homemade cakes and preserves from an old phone box, is taking a break after payment for sales wasn't given.

Published 30th May 2022
Updated 30 th May 2022

Cakes in the Call Box was set up in 2017 by friends Holly Ford and Bron Campbell who decided to use their talents for baking and spread a little sweetness to Cladich and beyond by opening their shop from the phone box, which is funded by an honesty box.

The shop, which is open during the spring and summer months, has grown from selling homebaking to a range of local produce such as jams, chutneys and beeswax candles, but suffered a loss last week.

A post on the Cakes in the Call Box Facebook explained: "I’m gutted to be writing this, but yesterday over £70 worth of goods was taken from the call box and not paid for.

"This is so disappointing and a big blow for our small business. As a result, the remainder of the jams and chutneys have been removed from the call box whilst we decide how to move forward.

"I would, however like to say a big thank you to those of you who do support us and pay honestly, its greatly appreciated. Unfortunately it seems not everyone is so honest."

The posted was then edited to say: "Some of the money has now been accounted for, thank you all for your support, fingers crossed we can find the rest!"

On 30 May the team announced that they'd be pausing the business for a while, writing: "Due to recent events, I’ve decided to take a short break from filling the call box, sadly no small business can survive at a loss.

"I hope we can find a solution to our problem and I plan to be back up and running again soon.

"As always, I’m so grateful to those of you who support us and I’m sorry to disappoint anyone. I’ll keep you all posted, and hopefully be back before you know it!"

At the time of opening in 2017, Holly said: "Although Cladich has always been an eye catching place, it gives tourists a reason to stop and enjoy Cladich even more, hopefully bringing more visitors.

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"We are going to put in a small guestbook but we've been left notes from people in Staffordshire and Berlin who have loved our idea.

"We've also had lots of lovely comments from people we meet at the phone box."

Known for cake making, experimental jam recipes, Champagne, whisky and gin drinking (and the inability to cook Gnocchi), Rosalind is the Food and Drink Editor and whisky writer for The Scotsman, as well as hosting Scran, The Scotsman's food and drink podcast.
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