American tourist confuses tablet for bar of soap in bizarre Skye hotel review

A bizarre review of a hotel on Skye has gone viral after the American tourist who posted it asked staff to do something about the complimentary tablet sweet left for guests - which they mistook for a bar of soap.

Published 9th Mar 2020
Updated 31 st Oct 2023

The review was revealed in a tweet by a user called SassenachExile, who jokingly wrote: "God bless Americans."

Posting after a stay at The Pink Guest House in Portree on the island of Skye last week, the tourist named Thomas left a fairly positive review but added that the hotel needed to do something about the "brown tablet of soap" that was left on the beds for them, stating that not only was it "gritty" and left an "oily residue in the shower" but that it disintegrated before the shower was done.

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He then states that they have had "much better exfoliating bar scrubs" elsewhere.

The post has since gone viral with over 22,000 likes and people joking that he must have been a big hit with the local wasps and another quipping that though "sugar scrubs have been around a long time" they aren't if this is where they originated.

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Most others were just dismayed at the waste of the tasty treat.

The family confectioners behind the sweet, Mrs Tilly's, brilliantly responded: "While we are delighted to see our Famous Scottish Tablet as an in-room treat in a guest house in the beautiful Skye, we would like to remind everyone that it is best to eat the deliciously indulgent sweet treat, using it as soap isn't one of our serving suggestions."

The Kingsmill hotel in Inverness is already poking fun at the review with their own sign for guests.

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