Travel website unveils month-by-month UK food and drink event map is highlighting some of the best food and drink events in the UK with a new interactive map, aimed at travellers planning a British break.

Published 4th Jan 2017
Updated 6 th Oct 2023

Designed to showcase the UK’s year-round food scene, the map has month-by- month filters to help holidaymakers find activities and inspiration for their next UK trip.

Featured events range from major festivals to niche celebrations of local specialities.

Picture: Expedia
Picture: Expedia

Scotland makes no less than ten appearances in the 2017 map.

From the food events like Taste of Grampian, Crail Food Festival and Arbroath Sea Fest to the drinks based events NIP, Orkney Fine Wine and the Spirit of Speyside, it seems Scotland has food and drink covered for 2017.

The year-round focus of the map also helps to highlight some lesser-known events through the winter months, proving that our food culture doesn’t shut down when the cold weather sets in- and here is where Scotland’s iconic Burns Night event makes an appearance.

Throughout the year, Expedia will be inviting food bloggers to develop original recipes inspired by upcoming events on the map, and will also be sending influencers from their network to attend some of the events listed on the map to bring them to life.

Recipes and event coverage will be shared in monthly event round-ups on, alongside food-themed posts which will help highlight key items on the map throughout the year.

The goal is to help holidaymakers get out into the heart of the local food scene, then back to their cottage’s kitchen to cook with local produce, making the map a year-round resource for domestic holidaymakers and foodies alike.

• The food map is available to view online throughout 2017 here.

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