This Edinburgh restaurant group are serving up Nutella, Toblerone and Chocolate Orange calzones

Two Edinburgh restaurants are combining pizza and chocolate to create an exciting dessert to impress their diners.

Published 10th Oct 2018
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

The chocolate calzone range, which come with a selection of chocolate fillings from popular chocolate bars, is available at both Civerinos Italian restaurants and is the perfect excuse to celebrate Chocolate Week, which runs from the 8th to the 14th October, 2018.

Available at their city centre locations - ‘Civerinos’ at Hunter Square on The Royal Mile and most recent opening ‘Civerinos Slice’ at Forrest Road - with takeaway and delivery options, the calzone desserts are designed for two or more to share and all served with a pot of vanilla cream.

So far the most popular, according to the Civerionos team, is the Toblerone and Walnut calzone, however, the staff say they are always trying out new flavours and combinations to mix it up depending on the season.

Currently on the menu at Civerinos Slice - Nutella and Mascarpone (£10), Toblerone and Walnut (£12), Wispa and Raspberry (£12) and also Mint Aero and vanilla (£12).

Chocolate calzone

The Nutella and Marscapone calzone. Picture: Civerinos

Their Chocolate Orange calzone is a favourite at their Hunter Square venue, vying in popularity with their traditional Italian Zeppole hot doughnuts – which are served with cinnamon sugar and Nutella.

Chocolate calzone

The Chocolate Orange calzone. Picture: Civerinos

The restaurant collection are already famous for their New York style wood fired pizzas and modern Italian street food and are planning their third Edinburgh venue opening later this year.

Executive director, Michele Civiera said of the popular chocolate treat: "Melt in the middle chocolate in our fluffy infamous dough, what else could you want?"

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