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The great slice vs. square sausage debate - where do you stand?

New Facebook page opens a debate on the name of one of Scotland's culinary treasures: so is it slice, square sausage or Lorne sausage?

Published: February 5, 2016
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"In Germany, there's a sausage on every corner while in Scotland there's a corner on every sausage."

Said somebody, somewhere once.

Lorne Sausage, Square Slice, Sliced Sausage - it's a breakfast item that goes by many names but no-one can doubt its popularity in Scotland.

However, one man has made it his mission to ensure people give it its correct name.

Andy O'Donnell created the tongue-in-cheek "Scotland, where it's SLICE, NOT!! Sausage, Lorne, round or square, IT'S SLICE" page on Facebook to draw attention to an issue close to his heart, which he felt needed some clarification.

When asked about the project, Andy kept true to the tone of the page saying: "Slice has been in my family through many generations, and to see this glorious word taken from us on a daily basis by commoners, with the hideous terms for it such as, ( and it pains me deeply to type this, I feel unwashed)....square sausage, lorne, links, round."

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So, far the page has gathered quite a few followers and we've no doubt many more will follow.

So where do you stand on the issue?

What do you call it?

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