Popular Scottish ice-cream producer releases dairy-free product for Veganuary

A popular Scottish ice-cream maker has unveiled a Strawberry vegan ice cream to celebrate Veganuary.

Published 9th Jan 2020
Updated 9 th Jan 2020

Equi’s say they want to up their 'vegan game' in response to growing consumer demand for high-quality dairy-free ice cream.

After experimenting last year, the result is what they describe as a "sumptuous" Strawberry flavour.

A spokesperson for the brand said: "This new natural flavour is made with the same high standards that you can expect from the award-winning fourth-generation ice-cream maker."

Available in 120ml grab and go pots, which are priced at £1.50, the new ice cream is made in Scotland using high-quality coconut oil as an alternative to traditional dairy, which results in a "smooth luxurious texture".

It's been made available to buy from 25 independent retailers across Glasgow & Lanarkshire such as Spar, Costcutter and Nisa, as well as Brake’s Scotland for foodservice buyers.

If you’re dining out this month, you’ll also find the new plant-based flavour on the vegan menus at the Scots Italian restaurant group, Tony Macaroni.

Chris Law, head of sales and marketing at Equi’s Ice Cream said: “Even though plant-based ice cream is a very small segment of the overall ice cream category, it represents one of the biggest growth opportunities.

“We are extremely experimental here at Equi’s and love creating new products and flavours for ice cream lovers to enjoy. Our new dairy-free ice cream has a beautifully smooth texture and has the same indulgence that our customers expect from all Equi’s products.

“It has already proven extremely popular with our independent retailers across West central Scotland and we can’t wait to hear more feedback from our customers.”

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