Kind-hearted company offers free pizza to people with parking fines

A kind-hearted company is offsetting the frustration of parking fines for Edinburgh motorists by offering free pizza to those targeted by parking attendants.

Published 31st Jul 2018
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Some motorists who had been fined in the capital were delighted to discover vouchers had been placed with their tickets offering them free NKD Pizza.

The firm, which recently opened in Morningside, posted the flyers writing: "We saw your parking ticket. Don't let it ruin your day. Here is a voucher for our big night in meal deal which is usually £30."

The move is being described as "guerrilla marketing at its finest" online with people posting the picture of the voucher, alongside the accompanying parking ticket, on social media sites.

Replying to a post of the picture on LinkedIn, Hannah Jackson wrote: "Amazing!! If only I had one of these for every parking ticket that I received in Edinburgh!! I'd be eating pizza for the next year!"

Another user added: "Fabulous idea turning moments of misery into moments of magic."

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Commenting on the campaign, NKD Europe's managing director Grant Clouston said: "I actually got a ticket myself, and at the time I was also holding some menus and spotted that our Big Night In bundle was also £30.

NKD Pizza
The voucher. Picture: NKD Pizza

"I then began to wonder how I could combine the two as the residents of Morningside have been really good to us and I wanted to give something back - so I thought we should try and make the person receiving a ticket's day by giving them a voucher for a Big Night In meal deal."

With the deal you get two large pizzas, three sides and a sharing drink, with Mr Clouston adding that though the person would still have to pay the £30 for the ticket, they would get "£30 worth of food and drink on NKD".

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Though the parking ticket voucher scheme is only available in the Morningside area so far, the team have confirmed they are set to expand with two new openings and could take it elsewhere around the city.

New Edinburgh bars and restaurants - including Sushisamba and Montrose from Timberyard team

NKD's first Scottish restaurant opened in the capital last year, with a second set to open in Corstorphine in September, serving up freshly made pizzas with their signature 10 grain base.

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