Popular US and Dubai pizza brand set to open first UK store in Edinburgh

An Edinburgh-based businessman is looking to bring a well known pizza brand in the US and Dubai to the capital this autumn.

Published 28th Jul 2017
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Local entrepreneur Grant Clouston is set to open the first NKD Pizza franchise in the UK in the city's Morningside area, after returning from working in Dubai's oil and gas sector and discovering there was nothing similar to the popular chain in the capital.

NKD Pizza

How the new store will look. Picture: NKD Pizza

Clouston said: "When I returned to Scotland and I was out with my kids I was looking for something similar to NKD Pizzas and couldn’t find anything.

"I didn’t want to go down the traditional takeaway pizza route, so I got in touch with NKD Pizza and secured the rights to Scotland. I truly believe in the brand and products that are on offer."

The firm, which are famous for their NKD Tomato Sauce, Ancestral Blend dough and fresh ingredients, already have stores in Dubai and the US but this will be their first in Scotland.

Clouston believes NKD's attitude towards carefully sourced ingredients, and the fact that their hand-made 'healthier' dough is made from an ancestral blend of 10 grains, prebiotic agave fibre and probiotics (healthful bacteria like the ones found in yogurt for balance and digestive health), and bound by water, will quickly win over the capital's pizza fans.

Clouston added: "Eating NKD pizza can leave you feeling really satisfied.

"We believe it’s the diversity of grains, fibre and probiotics that can help provide a slow, sustained release of energy avoiding the crash some people experience after eating single grain, highly processed pizzas."

The new store is set to open in October as part of plans for a UK expansion, with six other units set to be opened in England 0ver the next few years.

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