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Glasgow locals gather round to save Southside favourite Something café

Residents in Glasgow's southside have rallied round to try to help save one of their favourite eateries - Something Café

Published: March 2, 2016
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Residents of Glasgow's Clarkston were shocked to discover a sign reading 'Closed Forever' on the door of one of their favourite eateries this week.

Something café has gained recognition not just in the local area but across Glasgow for its excellent dishes, great value and friendly service.

However, the owners were forced to close this week after only being open for eight months.


The notice posted on the café's Facebook. Picture: Something café

Dismayed at the news, fans of the café rallied round to show their support. Rosie Beattie posted: "We're not letting you go without a fight. Hey fellow Something lovers, Justin could do with some support. PM me if you'd like to help Something stay."

Fellow southside restaurateur David Macdonald also posted saying: "Justin. I am the founder of TriBeCa. I live locally to the cafe and would be willing to meet with you to offer you some guidance as to how to attack this so as to get you back open and trading again. Small business is very tough in the beginning. Let's make a date to sit down and chat. I'm sure I could assist you in making it a success. Don't let a setback get you down."

Posting on their website, Something apologised for their closure, saying that it was a result of staff shortages, which left head chef Justin Valmassoi to work what he describes as " crippling" hours, saying they were overwhelmed by the response they'd received: "Natalie, Nikki, and Co. don't want us to close. I don't want us to close. And judging by your comments many (many) of you don't want us to close either, and I can't express how much that means to us so I won't even try.

"You guys are the reason we do this. It's not for me, and it's not for money. I wanted to give Glasgow something it didn't have, and to find the people who also see the need for it. And look at you. Look at all of you. We have so many great regulars in such a short amount of time, and so many new people making the trek out to this asteroid of a suburb to try what their friends are talking about, that it's mildly overwhelming. Okay, it's fully overwhelming. Top level whelming going on here."

Head chef and co-owner Justin then added that he hoped they would be able to re-open: "I'm sorry I gave up. It was stupid. We will try our best to tilt this colourful wee boat back upright, with a little help from our friends.

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"That's you, Clarkston.

"Thank you. Please stay tuned for whatever weird emergency plan we come up with."

Fans of the eatery posted their relief at the news, with Val Corcoran saying: "I am delighted you are going to give it another go and impressed that you're not above asking for help, none of us should be. You're doing as much for de-stigmatising emotional issues as you have for de-stigmatising the sprout...and neither can be bad! Take care and rest in the meantime. Clarkston is definitely 100% behind you!"

While fellow fan Clare Soutar wrote: "With hours like that I'm surprised you didn't reach this stage much sooner. Take all the help & support offered we all want you to succeed . Selfishly I'm so so glad that your fantastic eatery is not closing, Clarkston wouldn't be the same without your hospitality & amazing food."

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