General Selection: Celebrations Maltesers Teaser comes out on top in nation's favourite Chocolate sharing box vote

It's official, the nation has gone to the polls with voters declaring their winner in the General Selection Chocolate Sharing Box debate.

Published 12th Dec 2019
Updated 12 th Dec 2019

Celebrations, Quality Street, Roses or Heroes? It's the debate in offices and homes up and down the country every Chrsitmas, now in a bid to uncover the best sharing chocolate box on the market, marketing specialists iProspect have been asking the nation to determine – once and for all – which chocolates get their vote.

The survey and analysis has uncovered which tin provides the most value for money, which chocolate is the UK’s most loved (and what the likelihood is of picking out their favourites), as well as missing flavours that would make a welcome addition.

The winning chocolates 

The research has revealed that of the four market leaders, Celebrations is the UK’s favourite tin, with Maltesers Teaser by far the UK’s favourite chocolate choice (49 per cent of the UK voted this number one).

Coincidentally, Celebrations are also the best value in terms of chocolate content, with an average tin quantity of 71 chocolates (684g) per tin - this is compared to 67 chocolates in Quality Street (664g), 63 chocolates in Heroes (624g), and 58 chocolates in Roses (622g).

Sadly, while it may be the most loved, the Malteser Teaser certainly isn’t the most abundant – with only 8 in the average Celebrations tin, there’s an 11.5 per cent chance of picking a Maltesers Teaser out first time.

While Maltesers Teaser is the overall winner and Roses’ Golden Barrel takes a respectable second place, it’s Heroes that dominates the Top 10, with four of their collection in the line-up (Wispa, Dairy Milk, Twirl and Crunchie Bits, taking 5th, 6th, 7th and 9th place respectively).

At the other end of the scale, Quality Street’s Coconut Eclair had only 2.5 per cent of respondents choosing this as their favourite.

The age split

While the majority of the United Kingdom are united in their chocolate tin preferences, the same can’t be said for those aged 55+ and under-18. Respondents in these age brackets both agree that Celebrations isn’t deserving of the number one spot, but nor can they agree on which should take the crown. Over-55s love Quality Street, while under-18s love Heroes.

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Those over 65 are even more unsure - placing both Roses and Heroes in the joint first position, they’re the only age group to rate Roses higher than 3rd place.

Improvements could be made

When Brits were asked how the tins could be improved, the top suggestions included classic flavours such as coffee (9 per cent want this flavour) and mint (8 per cent suggested this).

There’s also demand for more chocolates available in flavours that already exist in the tins, like nuts, chocolate orange and truffle.

Top 10 Most Wanted Flavours


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Salted Caramel

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Chocolate Orange

Peanut Butter

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