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Forget carving pumpkins, hilarious video shows how Scots celebrate Halloween

ScotScran is back with a hysterical new video showing how to celebrate Halloween in true Scottish style - get ready to ditch that pumpkin.

Published: October 31, 2016

Long before carving pumpkins became a prominent part of Halloween for Americans, Scots (and the Irish) were creating lanterns by carving turnips to celebrate Samhain.

The rutabaga swede, known in Scotland as neep or a tumshie, was carved and widely used to ward off the spirits of the dead at this time of year, which was viewed as a liminal time when the boundary between this world and other worlds became less substantial and more easily crossed.

To celebrate this early tradition, the forebear to the more modern pumpkin lantern - gourds were more widely available in North America and softer than their transatlantic cousins - ScotScran's very own Buckie rogue Dodie McMuckie has created a video guide for how to create the perfect tumshie Jack-O-lantern.

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The hilarious clip shows Dodie giving tips on how to ward off vampires and looking up scary faces for inspiration for his carving and finishes with him facing true horror.

The comedic video recipe series was created by Andrew Scott, a comedian and film maker from Banff, and Chris Geddes, a musician from New Zealand, to highlight some traditional Scottish recipes and provide some laughs along the way.

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This Halloween special is the latest in the series of clips which has included recipes for potato scones, stovies and cranachan.



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