A new dessert is sure to tingle the taste buds of fans of traditional Scottish breakfast fare - square sausage ice cream

Dairy firm Glen Urr has joined forces with Apex Hotels to reinvent the breakfast favourite – a roll and square sausage – which will be on sale to celebrate National Ice Cream Day on Sunday at the chain’s Grassmarket hotel in Edinburgh.

The square sausage ice cream – made using lorne sausage –  is served inside a brioche bun with toffee drizzle, giving the impression it is covered in brown sauce.

Chef Vladimirs Kruus said: “I have to say I’ve never worked with such an unusual ice cream.”

He added: “We decided to serve it on a brioche buns as the bread is slightly sweet, and this will be toasted and dusted with icing sugar.

sausage ice cream

Picture: the ice cream square sausage roll, Gareth Easton

“We have also whipped up a toffee drizzle that’s similar in colour to brown sauce, so it really is a sweet equivalent of a classic roll and square sausage.

“There’s no mistaking the distinctive taste of Lorne sausage, so this is definitely one for the adventurous.”

It’s not the first time that Glen Urr has created an unusual flavour according to owner Jane Davidson.

She said: “When I was asked to make square sausage ice cream, I thought wow, here’s a challenge – and I love a challenge!

“One of the things we pride ourselves in is working under the motto ‘if you can eat it, we can make it into an ice cream’.

“We’ve had a shot in the past at making all kinds of flavours, from haggis ice cream to vodka sorbets, and the savoury flavours are definitely the bigger challenge.”

Jane follows a traditional approach to ice cream making, with the key ingredients being milk and cream from her family business’s herd of 200 Ayrshire cows.

The star ingredient of Lorne sausage was sourced from Grierson Brothers Butchers in Castle Douglas before being cooked up, grated and added to the mix.

If you want to try the ice cream square sausage roll out visit Apex Grassmarket this Sunday, July 15, where it will be served free of charge for one day only.

Only one batch of this special limited-edition ice cream has been produced so it will be available on a first-come-first-served basis, and when it’s gone it’s gone!

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