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Edinburgh's Civerinos offer to turn leftover Easter eggs into delicious chocolate calzones

An Edinburgh pizza company has come up with a novel way to use up leftover chocolate eggs this Easter - transforming them into delicious dessert calzones. 

Published: April 17, 2019
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Civerinos Food Club is offering the Easter treat in all of their locations within the capital until the end of April.

Well known for their Italian street food style and pizzas, the firm say people will have an added feel-good factor from the special limited edition desserts due to the fact that all proceeds will be going to Edinburgh North East foodbank.

Designed just for Easter, the dish has been created from one of their most popular desserts  and will launch from Wednesday (17th April) across all three of their restaurants.

Diners are asked to bring in their Easter eggs, which will then be transformed into the Easter egg calzone delight for £5 which will then go straight to the local foodbank.

Executive director, Michele Civiera said: "We are doing the Easter egg calzones again this year as it was a massive success last year at Hunter Square.

So this year we wanted to make it as interactive as possible. Parents can bring their kids, friends bring each other and families all together – who mostly use the group especially over holiday time."

The chocolate treat is available in all three Civerinos locations in the capital  -  Civerinos on Hunter Square, Royal Mile and Civerinos Slice on Forrest Road as well as their latest opening and Edinburgh’s first Pizza Bar, The High Dive, which is situated on St, Leonard’s Street.

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