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5 of the best new Scottish gins to try right now

As the weather is set to get warmer and with a long weekend coming up, there's no better time to enjoy a new drink, especially if you're a gin fan.

Published: April 17, 2019
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With new and nearly new releases from big names to smaller producers, these are our pick of the top new flavoured gins.

McQueen Coconut & Lime Gin

McQueen's Lime and Coconut gin

Picture; McQueen's Lime and Coconut gin

McQueen Gin has teamed up with supermarket chain Sainsbury’s to launch an innovative Coconut & Lime flavoured gin in stores across Scotland, priced at £20 per bottle.

The team have developed what they say is a world-first with the new flavour that brings a ‘”real taste of the Caribbean” to the consumer.

Hendrick's Midsummer Solstice

new flavoured gins

Picture: Hendrick's

If you're a fan of Hendrick's then look out for this limited edition gin - Midsummer Solstice.

Available now in Waitrose, price at £35, the distinctive botanical bouquet of Hendrick’s Gin has been complemented with a selection of additional floral essences inspired Midsummer Solstice blooms.

The result is an enchantingly floral gin that blossoms on the palate in a rare union of lightness and complexity – unmistakably Hendrick’s Gin, but with an alluring floral pop.

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Lind and Lime Gin

new flavoured gins

Picture: Port of Leith Distillery

Named after Edinburgh’s Dr. James Lind, a hero of the Scottish Enlightenment, who observed that citrus fruits prevented scurvy in the world’s first recorded clinical trial, Lind & Lime Gin is priced at £35 for 70cl and combines flavours of lime and pink peppercorn.

With a base spirit at 96 per cent ABV, the gin has been distilled with “seven carefully curated botanicals” that come together in a “delicate harmony”.

Daffy's Mulberry Gin

new flavoured gins

Picture: Daffy's

Who can resist a wonderfully fruity gin at this time of the year?

The first flavoured gin to take up permanent residence within the Daffy family (after a limited run of a foraged geranium creation), the Mulberry Gin, priced at £25, is created using the finest grain spirit and distilled on a traditional copper pot still at full strength with traditional gin botanicals before being steeped with Mulberries for several days.

This creates an intriguing deep ruby coloured liquid that’s packed with huge rich and fruity flavours with undertones of old school sweet shops.

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Makar Cherry Gin

new flavoured gins

Picture: Makar Cherry Gin

The fifth addition to the award-winning Makar Gin family, the Makar Cherry Gin is created by infusing ripe, seasonal fresh cherries and a sprinkling of pink peppercorn in Makar’s Original Dry Gin, before being pressed to “release maximum flavour”.

Available now on The Glasgow Distillery website and priced at £25 for a 500ml bottle, the versatile gin is the latest in a range of new products from the Glasgow Distillery Company.

Coming soon...

An exciting new launch from Edinburgh Gin... watch this space!
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