Affordable eats dominate in Yelp’s top 100 eateries

2016 is shaping up to be the year of affordable fare with Brits tucking into more high-quality low-cost eateries according to a new ranking released by urban city guide and app, Yelp.

Published 17th Feb 2016
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

Scotland had no less than 21 eateries on the list including local favourites from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Yelp Top 100, crowd-sourced and compiled from Yelp’s historical review and ratings data, details the top 100 eateries in the UK and shows that a whopping three quarters is affordable - with a price range up to £25.

Bread Meats Bread owner, Ylli Dushi was delighted be the news: "This is an absolutely amazing honour! I am so pleased for everyone involved here. To all of us it is still our humble wee family run place.

"We literally live it every day and to get this kind of recognition for our hard work is beyond our wildest expectations."

Yelp Glasgow Community Manager Briony Cullin said: “Our community has spoken - and they love good, affordable food.”

“We love seeing that some of the most affordable options are some of the best as it really shows you don’t need to spend a fortune to eat at some of the nation’s best rated spots.”

“We read lots about the top Michelin starred restaurants but realistically, the average person can’t afford to dine there regularly. That’s why it’s so fun to pull together our list based on community-driven reviews of places where real people really eat.”

The Yelp Top 100 is proudly crowd-sourced; ranked based on the opinions of the platform’s ‘Yelpers’ who know local eateries inside out. From pizza to ramen and everything in between, there’s something on the list to appeal to all tastes and budgets.

We’ve detailed the top eateries for Scotland and their ranking in the Yelp Top 100. You can find details of the full national list here

Top Eateries - Scotland

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• La Favorita, Edinburgh (24)
• Bread Meats Bread, Glasgow (30)
• Ubiquitous Chip, Glasgow (34)
• The Devils Advocate, Edinburgh (41)
• The Edinburgh Larder, Edinburgh (42)
• The Dogs, Edinburgh (45)
• Oink, Edinburgh (46)
• Hula Juice Bar & Gallery, Edinburgh (52)
• David Bann, Edinburgh (53)
• The Outsider, Edinburgh (55)
• Stereo, Glasgow (57)
• The Holyrood 9A, Edinburgh (60)
• Martha’s, Glasgow (63)
• The Hanoi Bike Shop, Glasgow  (64)
• The Butchershop Bar & Grill, Glasgow  (66)
• Mother India's Café, Glasgow  (68)
• Bloc+, Glasgow  (71)
• Vittoria, Edinburgh (74)
• Hanedan, Edinburgh (81)
• Nanakusa, Glasgow (83)
• The Blue Bear, Edinburgh(100)


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