Gastronomy symposium helps shape Scotland’s food landscape

An ambitious event celebrating food culture in Scotland is to take place in Edinburgh during April.

Published 17th Feb 2016
Updated 8 th Aug 2023

The Scotland’s FoodScape symposium aims to attract a Scottish and international audience, and is being staged by the MSc Gastronomy team at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (QMU) and the University of Gastronomic Sciences (UniSG) in Italy.

QMU’s runs the only Masters in Gastronomy in the UK and the team will partner with the University of Gastronomic Sciences to stage this important cultural food event.

Following the success of Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink, this timely two day programme will offer a tasty exploration of the significance of food to Scotland.

Two days of lectures, presentations, workshops and discussions will be peppered with tastings, creative performances and food demonstrations.

Charlotte Maberly, Programme Leader on the MSc Gastronomy at Queen Margaret University, explained: “In Scotland, food has been a cause for both celebration and concern - an economic success story and symbol of our environment. It can also be the source of cultural stereotypes and worries about our public health.

“This event allows us to explore our thriving food culture and our relationship with food. By talking, thinking, making and eating, we’ll consider the actual and potential significance of food in Scotland. Health, taste, heritage and creativity will play a role, as will Scotland’s place within the network of global food systems.”

Donald Reid, Food Editor at The List and Lecturer in Gastronomy at QMU, said: “Food connects us all. It is both ordinary and extraordinary, nourishing mind and body, shaping economies and social justice. It connects us to particular places and helps us express our culture and history. This symposium will allow us to celebrate Scottish food, assess the food and drink landscape in Scotland and look at different ways to influence positive change in our societies – both at home and internationally.”

Part of a series of international events on gastronomy ‘Scotland’s Foodscape’ symposium will play a role in shaping food innovations around the world.

Charlotte Maberly concluded: “We are also delighted to have a prestigious line up of panel guests including Shirley Spear (The Three Chimneys and Scottish Food Commission), Sheila Dillon (BBC Radio 4 Food Programme) and Geoff Tansey (Food Ethics Council and Fabian Commission) to lead discussion at the symposium.

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Scotland’s Foodscape will take place on the 26th and 27th April at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

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