Video: How to drink whisky and get more out your dram

Tired of all the rules surrounding how you should or shouldn't drink whisky, our video may help.

Published 30th Oct 2017
Updated 31 st Oct 2017

Nursing a dram is one of life’s little pleasures and yet there are countless ‘experts’ telling you how you should drink it - from the scientist to the connoisseur.

Enough, we say. Drinking whisky is a personal journey, so in the end it’s completely up to you (and your palate) how you like it served.

For some it’s a ritual without compromise and for others it’s just the company on a Friday night that gives it all the flavour it needs.

In the video above, rather than tell you all the ways you’re drinking whisky wrong, we thought we’d collect some suggestions together for ways you can experiment in perfecting your own dram.

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It couldn’t hurt throwing one or two into the mix to see if it makes a difference.

A little water, for example, helps dilute the whisky down to around 35 per cent  alcoholic volume, so you can savour the moment without it overpowering more delicate flavours.

Ice is often seen as a bad partner for whisky, reining in the flavours rather than setting them free, but for others, that may actually be a huge benefit to adding ice.

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So try one of the many ways listed in the video and see if a little difference goes a long way to help you get more out your dram.

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