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Tesco is selling new blackberry gin made with 'cursed' fruit

Supermarket chain Tesco is selling a new blackberry gin that has been made using 'cursed' fruit.

Published: September 30, 2019
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Wildcat Gin have created a Bramble version of their popular gin, which features  notes of blackberry, raspberry, hedgerow fruits, and launched on 29 September - the anniversary of the curse of the bramble bush.

According to producers Whyte & Mackay, the story goes that the devil himself cursed the bramble bush in a fit of rage after landing on its prickly thorns.

A spokesperson for the brand said: "From that day until now, it’s said that no one should dare to consume brambles after September 29th.

"But, this Autumn, Wildcat Gin is inviting people throughout the UK to join them in breaking this curse by serving up some delicious Wildcat Bramble cocktails."

Available at Tesco throughout the UK, as well as in selected bars, Wildcat Bramble has been created with an abv of 37.5% and is priced at £26.

Mike Greggs, Whyte & Mackay General Manager of UK, France and Germany, said: “We are delighted to launch Wildcat Bramble, the darker, thornier sister of our original ‘gin of the night’ Wildcat.

“Wildcat Bramble is a decadent new liquid with a mysterious and uncommon flavour, specifically designed to meet consumer demand for new, fun flavours of gin perfect for those after dark occasions.

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"The gin itself gives a rich burst of berry flavour when drunk long with tonic and is said to turn a glass of Prosecco into a delicious decadent treat."

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