A Stenhousemuir shop which shot to national fame after stocking up on almost 5000 litres of full-sugar Irn-Bru expects to run out of the fizzy drink within days.

Day-Today Express, on Alloa Road, has been selling a pallet-load of Irn-Bru every day since announcing it had 7000 cans and 1200 two-litre bottles of the stuff on Facebook last week in light of the UK sugar tax coming into effect earlier this year.

Stockpiled Irn-Bru

Shopkeeper Jawad Javed and his wife Asiyah have been inundated with phone calls and messages enquiring about availability since posting pictures of the stock piled up ceiling-high.

The pair say Irn-Bru fanatics have travelled far and wide from as far as Fife and Glasgow to get their hands on the full-sugar version.

However, the Stenhousemuir store is not cashing in on the stock — purchased from a Cash and Carry — as it has set the price for cans at 59p and bottles at £1.59, both of which are the recommended retail prices.

The UK sugar tax was designed to impact store prices of drinks containing more than 5g of sugar per 100ml.

stockpiled Irn-Bru

The shop had supplies of Irn-Bru stacked up to its ceiling. Picture: The Falkirk Herald

Irn-Bru makers A.G. Barr altered their recipe in January in time to avoid a hike in prices. But many fans have complained about the new taste, claiming it isn’t as good as it once was.

Fans have been warned they have between a week and ten days left to snap up the remaining bottles and cans containing the original recipe.

Selling a pallet a day

Asiyah told the Falkirk Herald: “People have been coming in here from all across Scotland for Irn-Bru.

“We knew this was going to happen. I put a photo on the shop’s Facebook page and that went viral.

“So far it’s had 339,800 views, 5900 comments, 870 shares and 1200 likes.

“Normally we sell about ten cases a week, now we’re selling a pallet a day.

“We still have about seven or eight pallets left. Some people are buying ten, 30 or 40 bottles at a time.

“We think we’ll have enough for another week.”

Husband Jawad added: “We have been receiving over 200 calls and messages every day to ask if we have still got the full-sugar Irn-Bru.

“People from other countries have been asking if we could post it to them.

“We have enough stock but it will only last seven to ten days.”

• Article written by JONATHON REILLY

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