New Cuban rum Eminente launches - a whisky cask matured spirit that celebrates culture and terroir

The new luxury Cuban rum, Eminente has launched in the UK.

Published 18th Feb 2021
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

From the island that is known by its locals as ‘Isla del Cocodrilo’, Eminente has been born out of a passion to celebrate the rich heritage of Cuba, whilst taking inspiration from 19th century flavours and complex styles of Cuban rum.

Eminente’s story begins with a talented creator: César Martí - one of the island’s ten Maestros Roneros (master Cuban rum distillers) and the youngest ever to acquire this status.

César grew up in the Central Province of Villa Clara in Cuba, where Eminente originates, surrounded by sugarcane fields with his family who worked the land.

He learnt his craft from his grandparents and parents who, having worked in the sugar cane industry all their lives, passed generations of craftsmanship onto him.

It is this family inspiration and knowledge of rum’s crucial raw ingredient that lead him to dedicate his career in Cuban rum.

After having been mentored by José Navarro Campa – Cuba’s first Maestro Ronero – César became the youngest of Cuba’s Maestro Roneros in an unprecedented nine years.

Blending and aguardientes

eminente rum

It is with his wealth of expertise and passion that César has curated Eminente, bringing a renewed complexity to this  Cuban rum by mastering the art of ageing and blending aguardientes.

Referred to as ‘the soul of Cuba’, aguardientes are flavourful and complex distillates that the island produces from molasses distilled to 75% ABV.

These are then aged in white oak barrels that were once used for ageing whisky, blended and aged again with traditional light Cuban rum distilled to 96% ABV.

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The blend of aged aguardientes and light rums creates Cuban rum as it is popularly known.

The aguardiente brings the complexity and depth of aromas, while the light rum packs a punch, thanks to the strength of the alcohol.

Eminente Reserva is aged for a minimum of seven years and is one of only a handful of Cuban rums to be classified ‘Denominación de Origen Protegida’ (D.O.P. Ron de Cuba).

This status is granted by a Regulatory Council: the D.O.P. Ron de Cuba, which dictates strict rules to ensure the authenticity and high standards of Cuban rum.

The bottle and label designs have also been thought out to showcase Cuban culture and heritage.

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The textured glass bottle and crocodile-shaped island on the label are reminiscent of Cuba’s native animal.

The island is home to over 3,000 indigenous species, including the Cuban crocodile, found within the Zapata Swamp – Cuba’s largest wetland located in the southern Matanzas Province.

The side label resembles a travel ticket and tells the story of Eminente in the words of its Maestro Ronero. Each bottle features a different number across the same label.

Ideal for sipping on its own, over a large ice cube or in cocktails, Eminente Reserva has the character of a traditional Cuban rum, but with the complexity of a very old spirit, making it a versatile liquid.

Eminente Reserva is available now with an RRP of £47.

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