Festive Scots are in for a treat this weekend as the Irn-Bru Carol Crew goes on tour serenading shoppers across the central belt. 

Looking to get shoppers into the Christmas spirit, Irn-Bru said their choir of heavenly voices will be belting out festive favourites with a ginger-themed ‘twist’.

A spokesperson for the brand said fans of Scotland’s other national drink can join in as the Carol Crew, who will be decked out in orange and joined by two Barr’s can mascots, sing their quirky setlist which will include ‘Joy to the Weeg’ and ‘Jingle BRU’.

Shoppers can catch the Irn-Bru Carol Crew at the following venues, where they can join in and get their hands on some of the unique song sheets:

Friday 13th December

9.30am – A.G. Barr, Cumbernauld

11.00am – Tesco, Cumbernauld

12.30pm – Morrisons, Airdrie

2.30pm – Asda, Livingston

4.00pm – Morrisons, Gyle

5.15pm – Tesco, Corstorphine

Saturday 14th December

9.30am – Asda, Linwood

11.00am – Sainsbury’s, Braehead

12.30pm – Asda, Govan

2.30pm – Tesco, Silverburn

4.00pm – Tesco, Rutherglen

Sunday 15th December

9.30am – Morrisons, Authinlea

11.00am – Asda, Parkhead

12.30pm – Sainsbury’s, Kingsgate

2.30pm – Sainsbury’s, Hamilton

4.00pm – Asda, Hamilton

The tour follows the launch of not only the limited edition festive Spiced Ginger Irn-Bru but also the 1901, a  special throwback version of the popular soft drink which features a recipe used from its original launch almost 120 years ago.

The new/old version has been created using a recipe from a handwritten book stored deep in the company archives for over 100 years and is described by the firm as “like nothing anyone has tasted before”.

Irn-Bru 1901: release date and where to buy the original recipe limited edition drink

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