Iconic Glasgow restaurant set for new look this summer

Glasgow venue, Hutchesons, is set to receive a makeover this summer and here's everything you need to know about the new-look restaurant

Published 11th Jul 2017
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Originally redeveloped into a glamorous bar and restaurant bar by owners, James and Louise Rusk, in 2014 when the couple took on the ambitious task of transforming one of Glasgows oldest and most recognised architectural icons into a marquee dining destination.

A hit on the cities burgeoning restaurant scene, Hutchesons, which is located on Ingram Street in the Merchant City, has gained a reputation as being one the most fashionable venues in the city with its Scottish inspired menu, unique interiors and lavish events.


Picture: Hutchesons exterior, supplied

It’s that initial success that has inspired RUSK & RUSK, James and Louise's operations company behind the restaurant, to press ahead with a refresh of the concept, as co-founder James Rusk explains:

"Hutchesons has been a massive hit in its formative years, and in order for us to continue that success, we need to make sure we are constantly evolving with the times and we see now as the perfect opportunity to create a new-look.

“For us, its about making sure we never rest on our laurels."

The restaurants in the RUSK & RUSK portfolio have become synonymous for their style, interior design and decor.

Their latest venture, The Spanish Butcher sports a modern, New York loft-inspired interior whilst legendary steakhouse, The Butchershop, is a throwback to the classic hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan.


The grandeur of the Grade-A listed building that houses Hutchesons is an exciting canvas for the group to work with, co-founder Louise Rusk describing the project as: “an opportunity to further enhance what is an already gorgeous restaurant”.


Picture: the Champagne bar, Hutchesons Facebook

The new Hutchesons will feature a renovation of the main dining room which will sport the title ‘Hutchesons City Grill, whilst the ground level Champagne bar will be transformed into ‘The 158 Club Lounge’ and will sport a stylish boutique ambience.

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On the subject of the motivation behind the project, Louise said:“we will retain that special aura that Hutchesons has, whilst taking a new approach to the interiors, giving it a refreshing makeover”.


Picture: Chateaubriand, Hutchesons Facebook

RUSK & RUSK are regularly touted as being Scotlands authority on beef, and across their restaurants they pride themselves on serving some of the finest cuts of steak to be found anywhere in the world.

Whilst Hutchesons already boasts a reputation for great steak, the new concept allows the venue to push the boundaries on their current offering by introducing a greater variation of cuts along with guest steaks sourced from the finest breeds of cattle across the world, however Scotch beef will remain the staple of the venue.


Picture: Hutchesons Faceook

Champagne lovers also have no reason to worry, whilst the Champagne & Oyster Bar will renamed to The 158 Club Lounge, bubbles will still be at the forefront of the menu, along with a revamped cocktail list that uses ingredients such as aged rums, whiskies and sake to create innovative drinks.


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Louise Rusk says: “Hutchesons has become the leading outlet for Champagne in Scotland, with our events and parties causing a splash as far away as London, and well continue to do so.

"We have an affinity with Champagne, in particular Veuve Clicquot, and were excited to further cement ourselves as one of the UKs leading Champagne sellers”.

The refurbishments take place over a two week period in mid-July and will be complete in time for the launch of this years Merchant City Festival on Friday July 21st.

Guests can expect a number of events and parties to coincide with the re-launch, info on which can be found here.

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