Five refreshing Scottish craft beers to toast the summer

It's beginning to feel a lot like summer and there's nothing better than some sunshine, a cool beer and a BBQ.

Published 12th Jun 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Here are five of our favourite Scottish beer to keep you feeling refreshed this summer.

Rhuby Weisse

(Style: Rhubarb Hefeweizen, abv: 5.5%, Brewery: 71 Brewing, Dundee)

Sweet and fruity with notes of banana, vanilla - and as most Scottish people of a certain age will remember, one of the flavours of the summer - rhubarb, 71 Brewing’s Rhuby Weiss is a cracking little beer to enjoy in the warm weather.

Raspberry Carronade

(Style: Fruit, abv: 5.5%, Brewery: Brew Toon, Peterhead)

Peterhead's Brew Toon have served up a cracker with this one. Smooth and creamy with plenty of locally sourced Scottish Raspberries, this is practically liquid cranachan in a glass.

Ich Bin Ein BerryLiner

(Style: Raspberry Berliner Weisse, abv: 3.8%, Brewery: Fyne Ales, Cairndow)

Fyne Ale's Raspberry Berliner Weisse carries on the Scottish summer soft fruits theme -a belter of beer that's tart, sweet, fruity and refreshing.

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Vermont Sessions

(Style: IPA, abv: 4.6%, Brewery: Tempest Brewing, Galashiels)

From the brewery that never lets us down, we have the perfect option for the IPA fans.

A super sessionable drinking beer at 4.6%, this is great for enjoying at a BBQ with friends.

Disco Forklift Truck

(Style: Mango Pale Ale, abv: 5.1%, Brewery: Drygate Brewing, Glasgow)

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Practically summer in a can, this Mango Pale Ale is the perfect balance of great hops and refreshing fruit with a delicious hit of mango on the finish.

Refreshing and fun, it's the perfect beer for lounging in the garden with.

Driven by a passion for all things drinks-related, Sean writes for The Scotsman extensively on the subject. He can also sometimes be found behind the bar at the world famous Potstill bar in Glasgow where he continues to enhance his whisky knowledge built up over 10 years advising customers from all over the world on the wonders of our national drink. Recently, his first book was published. Dubbed Gin Galore, it explores Scotland's best gins and the stories behind those that make them.
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