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Edinburgh micro-brewery Barney’s Beer extends delivery to all UK

Fans of Barney's Beer can now enjoy a cold pint at home no matter where they live in the UK, as the brewery has extended its delivery reach.

Published: April 23, 2020
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Edinburgh-based Barney's Beer is now offering delivery to all of the UK amid the current lockdown measures.

As the UK lockdown continues, many breweries and businesses are offering deliveries of beer, wines and spirits - with beer deliveries direct from breweries in Edinburgh hitting 200.

To help with increased demand, Barney’s Beer are, for the first time in their history, rolling-out direct postal delivery across the UK.

Barneys, Edinburgh's longest-established non-continuously operating brewery, is teaming up with Edinburgh’s Arts Venue and home to over 300 creatives – Summerhall – to distribute their small batch beer across the UK.

The team at Barney's said: "We see this as an opportunity to meet new drinkers; those who had a beer festival trip planned; or are unable to get out to the supermarket during lock-down to try new beers, and all those who are able to continue supporting small business."

Barneys Beer is available in over 70 pubs, bars and shops through Edinburgh and Scotland. But this move sees Marshmallow Stout, Volcano IPA and Stonethrow’s Lager  available for the first time across the UK.

When is UK delivery available?

Barney’s UK delivery will be available from Tuesday 21 April, with orders being taken on their website.

Customers can enjoy free delivery for orders over £50 and it's £5 for smaller orders. Beer starts at £2 a bottle.

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One of the beers has previously only left the brewery to travel to Summerhall’s on-site pub.

Stone’s Throw Lager – so called due to its closeness to stock in the Royal Dick at Summerhall – will be travelling across the UK and Barney’s are inviting customers to tweet how far their stone’s throw has been flung using the hashtag #stonesthrow

Barney commented: “It’s usually this time of year I think to myself 'how am I going to brew enough for the festivals' - so it’s quite a change, and most importantly a way to ensure we still get that beer out to drinkers.

"My Dad worked for Davenports in the 70s – whose slogan was “beer at home means Davenports” so there’s a symmetry in these strange times.”

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Support local beer

This move by Barney's comes just over a month after a group of craft brewers in the capital called for support to help them combat the impact coronavirus is having on the hospitality industry.

The independent bottle shops and hundreds of neighbourhood pubs they supply in Edinburgh, are also faced with an uncertain future.

This lead to the breweries calling on local people in Edinburgh to ‘think local and drink local’ through this crisis.

Speaking on behalf of the group - which includes Barney’s Beer, Bellfield Brewery, Campervan, Jump Ship Brewery, Pilot Beer, Stewart Brewing, Top Out Brewery, Winton Brewery  - Steve Stewart, founder of Stewart Brewing thanked people and said, “As we get used to the new way of living, please consider if possible, all your local suppliers and producers.

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“They are determined to keep your custom, for you are the lifeblood of their businesses.

“And for us - we have to do something with all this beer in our tanks that’s no longer going to pubs!"

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