In pictures: How BrewDog's proposed Ellon beer hotel could look

BrewDog has opened its first "craft beer hotel" in the US, giving us a glimpse at how the brewing giant's proposed hotel in Aberdeen could look.

Published 21st Aug 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

Named the DogHouse, it is located on the site of its brewery in Columbus, Ohio, and has beer taps in each room.

It comes ahead of plans to open a similar hotel at the brewery’s headquarters near Ellon, which is due to open next year.

A crowdfunding drive raised more than 300,000 US dollars (£233,000) for the project and those who contributed were given first access to booking rooms at the hotel before it opened to the public.

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The hotel has 32 rooms and BrewDog said guests will be able to watch beer being made from rooms overlooking the brewery.

The new US hotel offers us a glimpse of how the Ellon hotel could look.


The front desk has been replaced with a lobby bartender who will check guests in while they enjoy a complimentary beer.

In addition to the ultimate craft beer escape, BrewDog USA has also unveiled its on-site, interactive beer museum.

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This 6,000 sq ft space provides a journey through the brewing process, a deep dive into the history of craft beer, and a hands-on experience of ‘the fundamental four’ ingredients that contribute to the creation of a craft beer.

BrewDog Hotel

The Craft Beer musuem. Picture: BrewDog

Each room features a fully stocked beer fridge boasting BrewDog’s headliner craft beers, seasonal brews and guest favourites hand-picked from co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, accompanied by an en-suite bathroom featuring a built-in shower beer fridge.


In addition to the built-in beer fridges, the 32 rooms will boast beer taps via a personal keg bar that will be activated as soon as guests purchase a growler of their favourite BrewDog brew at any time during their stay.

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Located next to the main lobby, four of the rooms are dog-friendly with easy access to the hotel’s dog park.

The DogHouse also boasts common areas for guests to relax in, including the hotel media room where beer fans can watch the Scottish brewer’s TV show, Brew Dogs, and enjoy a game of ping (or beer) pong, or savor the sites of the brewery from the extensive front patio.

Co-founder James Watt said: "For many beer fans, the idea of a beer hotel was just a pipe-dream. A beer utopia that was never thought possible. Until now. Thanks to the backing of our global community of beer evangelists, we've been hard at work to make that dream a reality."

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BrewDog hotel

How the new Ellon BrewDog hotel will look. Picture: Contributed

Construction is currently underway for BrewDog’s second DogHouse hotel at the brewery’s headquarters in Ellon, Scotland.

Scheduled to welcome guests in 2019, the hotel will be built on a 3.25-acre site adjacent to BrewDog’s current 1 million hl brewery.

As well as a hotel construction, the site will see the expansion of BrewDog’s brewery to include a 300 hl brewhouse and a canning and packaging hall.

Speaking on the new Ellon site, Watt added: “The DogHouse is our gift to passionate craft beer fans making the pilgrimage to our brewery in Aberdeenshire.

“The idea of opening a beer hotel has always been high on our agenda, and now we are finally able to realise that dream, right here at our HQ.

“This will be the ultimate destination for craft beer fans seeking hops with their holidays. This is a beer Nirvana.”





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