BrewDog offer fans chance to have a bespoke beer bar built in their home

Scottish brewing giants BrewDog are offering beer fans the chance to have a bespoke craft beer bar built in their home. 

Published 17th Aug 2018
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

The brand, who recently opened a brewery in America, are offering the unique benefit to investors as part of its crowdfunding programme Equity for Punks V.

All you need to do is invest over £50,000 and BrewDog will install a fully functional craft beer bar in your home.

The bar, which will be designed in BrewDog’s signature industrial style, will come complete with three-taps, a fully stocked beer fridge, and a keg of its headliner beer, Punk IPA for the lucky investors to toast the launch of their at-home drinking spot.


Introduced as part of BrewDog’s latest round of Equity for Punks, which has raised almost £20million since October 2017, a spokesperson for the Ellon-based company said: "This benefit is just one of the many perks available to Equity Punks, alongside brewery trips, stays in the brewery’s upcoming beer hotel, The DogHouse, as well as exclusive merchandise, brews, and discounts."


The brand will build the fully-functioning bar in your home. Picture: BrewDog

The perk was introduced as part of BrewDog’s latest round of Equity for Punks, which has raised almost £20million since October 2017, with over 38,800 new shareholders joining its ranks.

Funds from this latest round will be used to accelerate global growth, including the construction of new breweries in Australia and Asia, the opening of 15 craft beer bars around the world, increasing the capacity of its UK brewery, and the creation of a dedicated craft beer digital TV network.

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It will continue the drive to make BrewDog one of the world's biggest beer companies.

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BrewDog co-founder, James Watt, said: “Having your own craft beer bar at home is the ultimate dream for many beer fans, so we wanted to give people the chance to turn that beer-fuelled ideal into a reality.

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"Through Equity for Punks, we can offer money-can’t-buy benefits which our community will love, and this one is the most exciting yet. With this investor perk, the craft beer revolution starts at home.”

“Our army of punk investors is the antithesis to your typical company board, so we knew we had to reward them in a totally unique way. They live and breathe craft beer, so we wanted to offer an awesome benefits package fuelled by a passion for great beer. BrewDog’s growth would never have been possible without our dedicated Equity Punks who are the lifeblood of our business.”

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