BrewDog have responded to claims that Aldi's unbranded anti establishment beers look familiar...

On 20 August, Scottish brewers, BrewDog, responded to a beer being sold by Aldi with a tongue in cheek post announcing a ‘Yaldi’ IPA, with branding colours that look just like the discount supermarkets.

Fans of BrewDog may have noticed that Aldi have been selling an Anti Establishment IPA, housed in blue cans.

Some think that this non-branded beer looks a lot like BrewDog’s Punk IPA and have taken to social media to discuss it, with one Twitter user saying: “The name of Aldi’s take on Brewdog Punk IPA is legendary!”

In response to this, co-founder of BrewDog, James Watt, posted on his Twitter: “I wonder what Aldi would call Elvis Juice?”

This was followed by a funny announcement of a BrewDog Yaldi IPA, which is apparently coming soon.

James wrote: “Inspired by ALDI’s take on Punk IPA from yesterday, we are making a new beer. YALDI IPA is coming soon! Maybe our friends @AldiUK will even sell it in their stores?”

Aldi then replied to the co-founder’s tweet, telling him: “We would have gone with ALD IPA, send us a crate and we’ll talk?”

The response from James on 21 August included an amended version of the can design, with the name changed to ‘ALD IPA’, as the supermarket suggested.

He wrote: “We have changed the name to ALD IPA & we will send a case your way. Looking forward to making this happen”.

Since the reply from Aldi, James has posted that the plot thickens, as Tesco are interested in selling the ALD IPA.

He wrote: “The plot thickens: yesterday we designed this new beer in response to ALDI’s take on our flagship Punk IPA. @AldiUK have been in touch today wanting to discuss listing our new IPA. However, @Tesco now want to list ALD IPA in their stores too.”

‘This is growing into a beautiful friendship’

In late August, BrewDog announced that they were going to be the first international beer company to go carbon negative, with millions of investment including planting their own forest.

James Watt replied to Aldi mentioning this by saying: “Hey @AldiUK – if you list our new beer, ALD IPA (inspired by your take on Punk IPA), we will plant one tree in our new @BrewDog Forest for every single case you sell. Deal?”

Aldi have now responded with: “If we can get it through quality control, you may have yourself a deal @BrewDogJamesn Keep an eye out, @BrewDog’s ALD IPA should be hitting our shelves soon! We’ll also plant one tree in the @BrewDog forest for every case sold! This is growing into a beautiful friendship!”

When will the beer be available?

Since the hilarious exchange on social media, James has now confirmed the beer’s availability, saying: “Our unexpected collaboration with @AldiUK will be a 4.7% session IPA based on our beloved Hop Fiction recipe.

“The beer will on on sale UK in October and for every case sold 2 extra trees will be planted in the @BrewDog Forest.

BrewDog limited editions

The brewery made the news in May when they announced they’d be making a limited edition Barnard Castle Eye Test IPA, with proceeds going to the NHS.

This release was in response to the news that Dominic Cummings decided to ‘test his eyesight ’ by driving to to Barnard Castle during lockdown.

BrewDog went online to reveal the tongue in cheek nod to the series of events with the limited edition ‘Barnard Castle eye test’ New England IPA release.

More recently the brewing giant has turned its sights to helping re-home and rescue dogs with their Street Dog IPA.

All cans of the Punk IPA: Street Dog will have adoption adverts from dogs looking for a loving home, and proceeds will go to Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter.

The cans are now available on the BrewDog website, for nationwide delivery priced at £19.95 for 12.

Posting on the site, the team said: “We’ve teamed up with two dog adoption charities, Dogs on the Streets and All Dogs Matter, to raise awareness and help our four legged friends find new homes. This partnership was inspired by Ricky Gervais, a long term advocate for homeless canines following his ‘shout out to BrewDog’ on Twitter.

“For a limited time only, we are using the space on our Punk IPA beer cans to showcase profiles of some of the charities’ dogs who are on the hunt for new families.”

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