Caorunn gin announces collaboration with Scottish designer

Premium Scottish gin, Caorunn has recently announced a collaboration with multiple award-winning creator of cutting-edge kilts, Siobhan Mackenzie.

Published 17th Aug 2018
Updated 18 th Sep 2023

Siobhan has created a bespoke kilt celebrating Caorunn’s contemporary tartan which is officially registered by The Scottish Tartan Authority.

The collaboration will champion Scottish craftsmanship in which designer Siobhan Mackenzie has taken inspiration from the Scottish handcrafted gin to create a bespoke kilt.

While the traditional kilt dates to the 1720s, Siobhan’s eye-catching, contemporary stance, sees her contrast multiple fabrics and colours, leading to unexpected style features.

Siobhan says: "I was filled with inspiration on how to take the Caorunn tartan forward in a way which emulates the beauty aesthetic form of the Caorunn bottle.

"Master distiller, Simon Buley’s attention to detail, his commitment to using the highest quality ingredients and the exquisite level of craftsmanship is what makes Caorunn."


Proudly small batch, Caorunn is a handcrafted premium gin distilled in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and is infused with five locally foraged botanicals; dandelion, heather, coul bush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berries, all which work in harmony with six traditional gin botanicals.

Master distiller, Simon Buley, forages local botanicals on the hills around Balmenach Distillery and expertly oversees the infusion of Caorunn in the world’s only working copper berry chamber. It is this slow infusion within the chamber that sets Caorunn apart.

Picture: Creative Commons/Graeme Maclean

“The terroir, the process and the people ensure passion, innovation and tradition are poured into every bottle of Caorunn Gin, says Simon.

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"We are proud others are able to take inspiration in what we do. I strongly believe in championing Scottish craftsmanship and Siobhan is the perfect example of what makes it so special.”  

The unisex Caorunn kilt is formed of a staple black skirt replete with a swoosh of grey Caorunn tartan running through back pleats, finished with a touch of tartan on the waistband and fringe.

"It can be taken from day to night in a heartbeat,’ says Siobhan.

"The daytime look may be teamed with a cashmere sweater, long riding boots and tights; for the evening, it can be paired with black heels and blouse."

The menswear kilt, meanwhile, may be worn formally with black or grey Argyll kilt jacket and waistcoat, with black kilt socks and shoes, or casually with boots and a polo shirt or sweater.

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