5 boozy hot chocolate recipes to try at home this winter - including spiked Nutella and Baileys

Hot chocolate is a favourite for many, but why not spice up the classic drink by adding some booze?

Published 29th Jan 2021
Updated 9 th Aug 2023

With National Hot Chocolate day taking place this month (31 January), here are some easy recipes for boozy hot chocolate drinks.

For many, keeping warm in the winter means relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate, sometimes with marshmallows and cream.

Whilst it may feel like the drink couldn’t get any better, adding in your favourite tipple is a game-changer.

From white chocolate coconut rum to refreshing crème de menthe, drinks retailer The Bottle Club have shared their five favourite boozy hot chocolate recipes to help cure your winter blues.

Boozy hot chocolate recipes

Midnight mint hot chocolate

This boozy mint hot chocolate recipe is the perfect nightcap on a cold evening, made with dark chocolate, double cream and a touch of mint liqueur; it may keep you up past midnight, but perfect for those who love a mint choc-chip flavour.

Its main boozy ingredient here is Créme de Menthe, a classic ingredient in many cocktails.

Its sweet minty flavour is accompanied perfectly by rich dark chocolate to create a sumptuous blend. 


One serving

  • 50ml double cream
  • 1 tsp icing sugar
  • A few drops peppermint extract
  • 150ml whole milk
  • 50g dark chocolate, chopped
  • 25 ml crème de menthe
  • Dark chocolate curls or sprinkles


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Whip the cream in a small bowl then stir in the icing sugar and a few peppermint extract drops. Place in the fridge until required.

Pour the milk into a saucepan and heat gently until simmering, stirring frequently. Take off the heat then add the chocolate. 

Stir until the chocolate has completely melted and the mixture is smooth. 

Return to the heat until warm then add the crème de menthe and pour into a mug.

Pour into a glass mug, to help keep warm and top with a dollop of the whipped mint cream and chocolate curls or sprinkles.

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Spiked Nutella hot chocolate

Many of us have a special place in our hearts for gooey Nutella, spreading it on our toast in the morning or simply eating it out of the jar. But have you ever thought of mixing it with vodka?

If you have a sweet tooth, this hot chocolate is a dessert in itself and certainly isn’t light on the calories, but we all deserve a treat every once in a while.

The guilty secret to this oozy drink is Tiptree Salted Caramel Vodka, as the saltiness perfectly complements the rich chocolate, nutty flavour. 


1 serving

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  • 3 tablespoons Nutella
  • 1 cup milk
  • 60 ml salted caramel vodka 
  • Whipped cream, optional
  • Chocolate sauce, optional


Simmer some milk till warm 

Add in Nutella 

Stir in the vodka

Top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Pour into a large mug and enjoy! 

Boozy coconut rum chocolate

Why not create a taste of the Caribbean and incorporate some coconutty rum flavours into your boozy tipple?

In this recipe Mahiki Coconut Rum liqueuer is used for the tropical tastes.


Two servings

  • 4 cups of coconut milk 
  • 32 g unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 32 g granulated sugar
  • 64 g semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 110 ml Mahiki Coconut Rum Liqueur
  • Whipped cream
  • Toasted coconut


Warm the milk, cocoa powder and sugar over medium heat in a small saucepan.

Whisk constantly until simmering (but not boiling).

Add chocolate chips and whisk until the chocolate chips melt and fully incorporate.

Whisk in vanilla extract and pour into mugs. Add Mahiki Coconut Rum Liqueur.

Top with whipped cream and toasted coconut and chocolate syrup, if desired.  Serve immediately.

Boozy orange hot chocolate

There are two boozy secrets to this sweet winter warmer. Brandy is used for the alcoholic kick whilst orange liqueur is there to create that zesty, fruity flavour of orange.

Domecq 1820 Solera Reserve Brandy is ideal here, giving you notes of rich, toasty oak, vanilla fudge and plump raisins along with this sweet Cointreau Orange Liqueur


Two servings

  • 220g hot chocolate mix
  • 30 ml Cointreau Orange Liqueur
  • 30 ml Brandy
  • 3-4 medium marshmallows
  • 1 tablespoon fresh orange zest
  • 30 g dark chocolate


Begin by making up your hot chocolate mix in a pot with boiling water.

While it's simmering, add the orange zest, reserving a pinch for garnish.

While your hot chocolate is going in one pan, melt dark chocolate over a double boiler in another.

Fill a mug with hot chocolate. Add brandy and orange liqueur, and stir gently.

Top with marshmallows. Drizzle with melted dark chocolate and garnish with a bit more orange zest. And you are done!

Baileys hot chocolate

A classic addition to a hot chocolate for a warming sweet drink.

This simple 10-minute recipe will only require some hot chocolate powder, milk, cream, and the main weapon, Baileys Original Irish Cream.

If you want to venture outside the box with flavours, you could try the Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon flavour which is bound to give you some festive deja vu. 


1 serving

  • 50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream
  • 1 tsp hot chocolate powder
  • 100ml milk
  • 1 dollop of cream
  • Chocolate sprinkles, chocolate brownies, chocolate fingers, chocolate sauce, chocolate anything you have to garnish


Use the hot chocolate powder and the milk to make a hot chocolate. Pour into your favourite mug.

Add the Baileys (generous measures are good)

Garnish with a dollop of fresh or whipped cream, marshmallows (toasted if you want to push the boat out), chocolate flakes, sprinkles, whatever your sweet tooth can handle.

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