Arbikie to launch latest ‘Field-to-Bottle’ Gin in time for Burns Night

The ‘Field-to-Bottle’ specialists at Arbikie are set to launch their latest gin in time for ‘Burns Night’ on 24th January.

Published 16th Jan 2017
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

‘AK’S Gin’ is named after Alexander Kirkwood Stirling, the father of Arbikie owners Iain, John and David.

Distilled using honey and wheat farmed at Arbikie, the gin also uses black pepper, mace and cardamom as the other key ingredients.

Arbikie has a growing reputation for innovation and field-to- bottle provenance as they grow their ingredients on their estate to ensure traceability.

The Viscount variety of wheat used in AK’s comes from the Deils Knapp field, which you can see from the distillery.

As farmers, the Stirlings are also very aware of the importance bees play in pollinating crops with recent figures suggesting they are worth £1.8 billion to the UK agriculture industry each year.


With wild bees under threat, Arbikie are planning to install its own hives to produce the honey needed for future runs as well as helping to pollinate the area surrounding the farm.

Coupled with growing its own Juniper, Arbikie places sustainability at the heart of their business.

Distillery Manager Christian Perez commented: “We chose our Viscount variety of wheat because it gave us a beautiful, buttery character. Coupled with our fresh honey, ‘AK’s Gin’ is incredibly smooth lending itself to a great gin and tonic and an amazing base spirit for cocktails.”

With Burns Night fast approaching Arbikie was keen to launch their tribute to their farming father when one of the world’s most famous farmer’s sons, Rabbie Burns is celebrated across the globe.

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Director John Stirling commented: “We’re delighted that ‘AK’s Gin can be enjoyed as part of the ‘Burns Night’ celebrations. Our Dad is an inspiration to us and we wanted to create a gin that reflected his character and our family’s farming roots.

"He’s farmed all his life and is proud that we are distilling using our family’s own crops and is keen that we share that unique provenance with our Arbikie customers on-going.”


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