Aldi's £13 whisky beats far pricier competitors to scoop award at international spirits event

Supermarket chain Aldi has been rewarded with a medal at an international awards event for its £12.99 own-label whisky, finishing ahead of other Scottish whiskies which cost more than three times as much.

Published 10th May 2017
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

The supermarket's own brand whisky Highland Black 8-year-old received the silver medal award in the Scotch whisky category at the prestigious 22nd International Spirits Challenge (ISC) - one of the most influential competitions in the spirits world.

Judges described the winning tipple as “a rich blend of the finest grain and malt whiskies from Scotland”.

The budget supermarket chain also won awards for its Glen Marnoch Highland and Glen Marnoch Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whiskies at the event.

Aldi whisky

Picture: Aldi

Joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, Tony Baines, said: “The UK’s perception of whisky has changed a lot over the past years.

“Our core range Highland Black 8 Year Old Whisky has always been a firm favourite amongst shoppers, owing to its high quality and fantastic value.

"Being awarded these accolades proves that whisky lovers can enjoy great value drinks without compromising on quality.”

Wine and Spirits Trade Association CEO, Miles Beale, said: “The spirit market in the UK is a very exciting time to be in just now.

"We are seeing consumers experiment with more and more spirits, especially with millennials.

"Whiskies fit into this category as a versatile and trendy product that also happens to be the base of the most popular cocktail in the world – the Old Fashioned.”

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