Edinburgh's l’Art du Vin to keep it real with Artisan Wine Fair

For one day only, renowned wine merchants l’Art du Vin, will be offering over 50 different wines, masterclasses and artisan food to help promote Real Wine Month.

Published 10th May 2017
Updated 21 st Sep 2023

The Artisan Wine Fair will showcase organic, biodynamic and natural wines at the Columcille Centre in Edinburgh on Saturday 20th May.

Running over one session. tickets cost just £22 per person, and the l’Art du Vin team will be offering samples of the wines to taste and sharing their passion and knowledge with attendees; bottles and cases can also be bought on the day, with special offers running on lots of bottles.

In addition, there will be masterclasses with Doug Wregg, a pioneer for natural wines in the UK, where he will highlight the differences between organic, biodynamic and natural wine. There will also be a variety of artisan food for sale throughout the afternoon, including the famous charcuterie from l'escargot blanc Bar à Vin and wonderful cheeses from I. J. Mellis Cheesemongers in Morningside.

Picture: Cat Thomson

Richard Bouglet, Director at l’Art du Vin, said: “During Real Wine Month, we normally run special offers on a selection of our wines, but this year, in addition to the offers, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to share, with the public, the type of wines we’ve become best known for in the trade. They have probably enjoyed some of our wines when out at fabulous restaurants across Scotland (and beyond), but this is a chance for us to directly communicate with people who want to try quality wine that has been made by artisan producers with as little intervention as possible in the winery…bottles that can’t be bought in the supermarket."

l’Art du Vin was founded in September 2007 by Philippe Larue and Richard Bouglet with the help of Valerie MacDonald and Mark Douglas. Their focus is to supply quality wines from small, independent artisan producers that are made with passion and integrity whilst being true to their terroir. The wines they select are a true expression of their origin, with a large proportion produced according to organic, biodynamic and even natural wine principles.

Philippe Larue, Managing Director at l’Art du Vin, added: “It’s an exciting time to be working with ‘real’ wines. We have some inspiring producers around the world that we work with, who care deeply about the land they grow their vines on and the way in which they produce their wines; it’s all about minimising the intervention and use of chemicals to preserve the purity of the product and integrity of the terroir."

Real Wine Month is taking place throughout the month of May this year and has been run annually since 2011. It came about out of a desire to promote and celebrate organic, biodynamic and natural wines produced by artisan growers and winemakers. Across the country, from pubs to wine shops to Michelin-starred establishments, there are tastings as well as special offers and selected wines available by the glass. The Real Wine Fair in London kicks off the month during the first weekend in May by bringing together growers, winemakers, trade and consumers to revel in the world of wine.

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